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What Should A 4-Year-Old Know Educationally?

At 4-5 years old, your child is still considered a pre-schooler. They are rapidly approaching the legal age to start school, which is 6 years old, and most parents are starting to think about whether their child has hit the right developmental milestones. 

It is important to note that all children develop at different rates. However, by this age, your child should have some basic educational skills. It will have helped if you have enrolled them in a good early learning centre, like this early learning Chatswood facility. If you haven’t already done so, age four is not too late for them to be enrolled. 

Their Thought Processes

At age four a child will be able to differentiate between things that are opposites. For example, a high number versus a low number, or one side of the room compared to the other. 

This is a good basic skill to help them orientate themselves in life.


By four years old a child should be able to count to ten. They should even be able to identify the numbers if you give them various different ones in the incorrect order.

Alongside this, many children at this age can remember their address and they will know which is left and which is right.

Speech Development

By the time they are four most children will have started talking a lot. You’ll notice a rapid improvement in their vocabulary range and their ability to construct sentences. They should be creating verbal stories, talking you through activities, and may even be playing with words that rhyme.

At this age, you’ll be able to understand everything they say and have limited conversations with them. Of course, their vocabulary and comprehension are limited, and the conversations will be straightforward and can often be repetitive. But, you should encourage your child to do this more.


By four, children are capable of dressing themselves and using the toilet by themselves. That’s essential before they start school. They are also likely to be very active and will be rapidly improving their coordination. 

It’s likely that they will discover hopping, catching, throwing, as well as climbing and jumping. In short, they will be active enough to start causing you issues. In some cases, the four-year-old may even start skipping or running backwards. 


One of the most important skills your child will learn is how to write. By four, children will be starting to write words. Most children this age can write letters and their own name. As their fine motor skills improve they will be able to draw circles and even start drawing people, although they are unlikely to be a Picasso at this stage. 

Encouraging Their Development

As mentioned, children develop at different rates. However, to help them reach the necessary milestones you should start them at an early learning centre and, when they are at home, encourage them to play as often as possible. This is when they learn best and their imagination runs wild, helping them to improve their existing skills. 

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