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What is the Standard of UPTET Syllabus?

The Uttar Pradesh Exam Regulatory Authority has established the UPTET exam 2022. (ERA). The syllabus is available alongside the notification. The syllabus for the UPTET exam differs between Paper 1 and Paper 2. Knowing the curriculum is the most important stage in preparation.

For the UPTET exam, candidates can learn the number of sections, significant themes, and distribution of questions with a detailed explanation by BYJU’S Exam Prep.

Detailed UPTET Syllabus: Paper 1

Here is the detailed UPTET syllabus for paper 1:

Section 1

  • Child Development: Growth and development concept, development principles, and dimensions
  • The definition and concept of learning, as well as its methods, affection learning, factors learning theories, and their implications
  • Individual differences: meaning, kinds, and variables influencing individual differences comprehending individual differences based on language, gender, community, caste, and religion
  • Understanding several types of students: backward, mentally retarded, brilliant, creative, underprivileged and deprived, and specially-abled.
  • Teaching-learning strategies and methodologies in the framework of the National Curriculum Framework 2005. Assessment, measurement, and evaluation have different meanings and goals.

Section 2

  • Unheard Prose Passage Unseen Poem, Linking Devices, Subject-Verb Concord, Inferences Alliteration, Simile, Metaphor, Personification, Assonance, and Rhyme identification
  • Principles of English Teaching, Challenges of Teaching English: Language Difficulties, Errors, and Disorders, Communicative Approach to English Language Teaching.

Section 3

  • Comprehension, Pedagogy of language development, Language Skills.

Section 4

  • Place Value, comparison, and fundamental mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication, along with Indian currency.
  • Fraction concept, proper fractions, comparison of paper fractions with the same denominator, mixed fraction, comparison of appropriate fractions with uneven denominators, fraction addition, and substation Prime and composite numbers.

Section 5

  • Clothes and Habitats – Clothes for different seasons; clothing care at home; handloom and power loom; living being habitats, various sorts of dwellings; cleanliness of houses and surrounding regions.
  • Profession – Profession in your immediate surroundings (stitching garments, gardening, farming, animal raising, vegetable seller, and so on), small and cottage industries, and significant industries in Rajasthan State.
  • Institutions and public places – Institutions and public places such as schools, hospitals, post offices, bus stops, and railway stations; public property (street lights, roads, buses, trains, and public buildings, among others). 

Detailed UPTET Syllabus: Paper 2 

Here is the detailed syllabus for UPTET Paper 2:

Section 1

  • Child Development – The concept of development and its link to learning concepts for children’s development.
  • Understanding Children with Special Needs and the concept of inclusive education – addressing learners from varied backgrounds, including poor and deprived children addressing the needs of children with learning disabilities, “impairment,” and so on addressing the needs of gifted, creative, and differently-abled students.

Section 2 – Language 1 (Hindi)

  • Unseen passages- two paragraphs, one drama or prose, and one poem, having questions about comprehension, grammar, inference, and linguistic abilities. (The passage of poetry may be literary, scientific, narrative, or discursive).

Section 3 – Language 2 (English/ Urdu/ Sanskrit)

  • Two unread written passages (discursive, literary, narrative, or scientific) with comprehension, grammar, and verbal ability questions.

Section 4 – Mathematics & Science

  • Mathematics – Number system, pedagogical concerns, algebra, geometry, mensuration, and Data Handling
  • Science – Pedagogical problems, food, materials, living word, natural resources, how things work, natural phenomena


Section 4 – Social Studies

  • When, where, and how in History, the first societies, farmers, herders, and cities, the first empire, new ideas, architecture, contacts with distant lands, sultans of Delhi, culture and science, political developments, new kings and kingdoms, empire formation, and so on.
  • Geography is a social subject as well as a science. Planet: Earth in the solar system, Globe, Total Environment: natural and human environment
  • Diversity, Government, Local Government, Making a Living, Democracy, State Government, Understanding Media, and Other Topics in Social and Political Science
  • Pedagogical Issues – Concept and nature of Social Science or Social Studies, the process of classroom, activities, and discourse, development of critical thinking, empirical evidence.


For students preparing for the UPTET exam, it is necessary to have information about the UPTET syllabus. Hopefully, this article helps those appearing for the UPTET exam.


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