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What is the secret of the fall of two Russian-made helicopters and two Sukhoi planes near Ukraine?


Videos circulated on social media showed a helicopter crash over the Russian region of Bryansk bordering Ukraine. There were also reports of a second helicopter crash and two Sukhoi planes.

The social networking site “Telegram”, which is close to the Russian Ministry of Defense, reported that two Russian Mi-8 helicopters and a Sukhoi-34 fighter-bomber crashed on Saturday in the western region of Russia on the border with Ukraine.

According to the pro-Kremlin “Rebar” channel, one of the incidents occurred over the city of Klintsy, about 50 kilometers from the Ukrainian border. Mash, another pro-Kremlin news outlet, blamed Ukrainian “saboteurs” who it said were wanted by the Russian police.

On Saturday, Russia’s state news agency TASS also separately reported that two crew members died in a helicopter crash. There was no immediate comment from the Ukrainian authorities.

According to the Governor of Bryansk, “a helicopter crash occurred in Klintsy today. One woman among the civilians was injured. She was taken to the regional hospital and is receiving all necessary medical assistance. Five families are also registered as affected, and the emergency services are working to provide assistance.” On site”.

“One of the worst days ever for the Russian Air Force: Today, at least 4 planes were shot down, SU-34 and SU-35 fighters, 2 Mi-8 helicopters, With anti-aircraft missiles over the Bryansk region inside Russia… So far it is not clear what kind of missiles were used.”

According to the images circulated, a fire broke out in the helicopter’s engine before it crashed near Klintsy, bordering Ukraine. Another clip showed a helicopter explosion during its flight, as it suddenly deviated from its course and plunged to the ground, and it was on fire.

Some commented that the planes fell after being hit by missiles, but the responsibility of Ukraine and its allies in the process of targeting Russian planes has not yet been announced.

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