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What is the reason for Woolworths’ Hot Roast Chicken being packaged in a black bag?


Woolworths shoppers are stunned when they find out why some roast chickens are now black bagged: ‘No way!’

  • Woolworths chickens come in yellow bags
  • However, some come in all-black packaging
  • TikTok user has now revealed what’s in the bags

A Woolworths customer has revealed why the supermarket chain puts some of its popular Hot Roast chickens in black plastic bags.

Woolies sells most of its BBQ chickens in its signature yellow and black bags – but some customers are confused because some come in black packaging.

A customer said on TikTok that a hot roast chicken in a black bag is halal, meaning it’s legal for Muslims to eat.

Shopper said a Hot Roast Chicken in a black bag is halal – meaning it’s allowed for Muslims to eat

She said she saw a label stating that the chicken was halal at Woolworths in Bankstown, Sydney.

“Warning to all Muslims (shoppers),” she said. “Black bag roast chicken is halal – make sure you check.”

The Australian Chicken Meat Federation says meat must be prepared in specific ways to be certified halal.

“Halal food is food that conforms to Islamic law and is therefore acceptable for Muslims to eat,” it explains.

“Halal food laws specify not only what types of food and drink may be eaten, but also how the food is prepared.

“That’s why Halal chicken is processed and prepared according to Islamic law.”

Woolies sells most of its BBQ chickens in the familiar yellow and black bags

Woolies sells most of its BBQ chickens in the familiar yellow and black bags

Woolworths later confirmed this 7NEWS.com.au that the halal chicken is only available in selected stores.

“Our Woolworths hot roast chicken has always been a customer favourite,” the spokesman said.

“At selected stores in areas with a large Muslim community, we also offer halal-certified roast chicken so that more of our customers can enjoy it.”

The hot roast chicken was first introduced in Woolworths’ Roselands store and has since been rolled out to Bass Hill, Auburn, Roselands, Lakemba, Bankstown and Granville.

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