What is the Average Disability Check Amount?

About 8.5 million workers receive disability payments from the Social Security Administration.

These payments are a lifeline to workers who physically can’t perform their jobs. Disability insurance helps cover for lost income during the time you’re unable to work.

If you need to file a disability claim, your first thought is likely to be, “How much will I get in disability payments?”

That’s a great question, and it depends on your situation. You can learn the average disability check amount and start to plan according to the average.

Read on to learn how much disability insurance pays.


The Average Disability Check Amount

The average disability check as of September 2020 was $1,259.

The amount that you receive in disability insurance depends on your lifetime earnings. Throughout your career, you paid into Social Security.

That amounts to 6.2% of every paycheck, with your employer contributing another 6.2%. If you’re self-employed, you contribute 12.4% as part of self-employment taxes. A small percentage of these funds go to the Disability Insurance Trust Fund.

Your benefits are calculated using a formula that determines the amount you should receive. It depends on how long you’ve worked and how much you’ve earned over that period.

Some payments can be as high as $3,000 if a person was a high-earner for most of their career. Check your Social Security Administration statements. They show how much you contributed to Social Security.

Watch for Denied Claims

The average claim may be enough to help you out, but that doesn’t mean that you’ll get the average amount. That doesn’t even mean that your claim will be approved.

The Social Security Administration denied about 53% of all disability claims between 2001-2010. That number has increased in recent years.

In other words, if your claim isn’t perfect, then you’re going to get denied coverage.

The Social Security Administration has a checklist of items they go through to approve a claim. It’s up to you to prove that you physically are no longer able to work at your job.

You need to have a lot of documentation to back up your claim. That includes medical reports, doctor referrals, and notes from your previous appointments.

What should you do if you’re denied benefits? You can appeal the denial, but it has to be done within 60 days.

You should hire a disability lawyer who can discover why your claim was denied. They can find out what documentation you need to win your case on appeal.

Navigating Disability Insurance

What’s the average disability check amount? It’s about $1,259, but that doesn’t mean you’ll get that amount. There’s a complex formula used to calculate benefits.

You also have to navigate the maze of paperwork and prove that you’re entitled to receive a claim. Get help from an attorney early in the process to prevent your claim from being denied.

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