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What is Podcast Advertising: Definition and Guide


The global world is rapidly developing, and individuals, establishments, and businesses now seek more effective methods to conduct their activities. One method is podcast advertising. Just like social media, many people already listen to podcasts.

Therefore, why not consider it for advertising your business? It is engaging and convenient and offers higher interactions over other marketing channels.

Anyone can start a podcast. Check this link – https://sponsorship.podbean.com/podcasters – to learn about how you can benefit from podcasting and advertising.

Let’s define podcast advertising, its types, benefits, and how to start selling your offers on podcasts.

What is podcast advertising?

Podcast advertising is promoting a business’s products or services through adverts strategically placed in a podcast. It’s an opportunity for companies to attract preferred target demographics using engaging and relevant content.

Every podcast has a group of listeners, usually with a common interest. Finding the right podcast show with a targeted audience that fits your buyer persona is the goal of every podcast ad.

Types of podcast advertising

Podcast advertising exists in two types: host-read ads and pre-recorded ads. The latter is sometimes also referred to as radio-style ads.

Host read ads

As the name implies, a host-read ad is where the host announces the advertisement themselves. Some sponsors prefer it since having the host talk about their products sounds more convincing and less intrusive.

The rationale is having the advert sound like a “recommendation” and not outrightly as a “paid ad.” Note that host-read ads could also be scripted or at the free will of the podcast host.

Pre-recorded ads

Otherwise referred to as radio-style ads, this type of podcast advertising explains ads recorded separately from the main content. It is like including a jingle.

The host can play the pre-recorded ads at the podcast show’s beginning, middle, or concluding part. The ones played at the start are called pre-roll ads, the middle ones are mid-roll ads, and the post-roll ads appear toward the end.

How to advertise using podcasts

Learn how to use podcast advertising to promote your business. Here are some step-by-step actionable strategies to expand your business via podcasting.

1.   Identify relevant podcasts

This step is for businesses that do not have a podcast themselves. Start your podcast search within your niche to find a show that has the target audience you seek. Selling your podcast adverts on shows with similar content to your business is always advisable.

It reduces the likelihood of listeners perceiving your sponsored ads as intrusive. It also assures higher conversions.

2.    Connect with podcast hosts

Found the perfect show to advertise your business? Contact the host and pitch your idea and product to them. Explain why you think their podcast is complimentary to your business. In addition, offer valuable content strategy if you appear as a guest speaker. Or you could just pitch the idea of a sponsored ad directly.

3.   Use promo codes

Another podcast advertising strategy is to offer promo codes on shows that advertise your business. It works to encourage the audience to patronize you and generates additional engagement. People generally like promotional offers.

4.   Follow up with the podcast host

Maintain contact with the show’s host even after appearing or sponsoring ads on their podcast. It is an effective method to build essential connections and further improve on different aspects of your podcast adverts. Some hosts may offer suggestions or even provide analytics to evaluate the success achieved.

Benefits of podcast advertising

Podcast advertising is growing, with approximately one third of the US population listening to podcasts monthly. Here are our top 5 benefits of using podcasts to promote your business.

1.   Podcast adverts help you reach more prospective buyers

Brands that advertise using podcasts have a higher tendency to reach prospective buyers, and the reasons are apparent. Firstly, every podcast show usually comprises a specific audience group with a common interest, location, and similar demographics.

It’s like putting a set of nails together and bringing a magnet close to it. Think of the audience as the nails and the sales advert as the magnet. Chances are some nails would be attracted when you pass it by them.

2.   Podcast adverts are less expensive

Using podcasts to advertise your business is often less expensive than purchasing ad slots on popular TV stations or radio shows. It is also cost-effective and provides higher ROIs since adverts are directed to qualified prospects.

In addition, starting a private podcast to manage your ads is relatively easy. Organizations without a company podcast can also find affordable sponsored ad slots on related niche shows.

3.   Podcast adverts offer increased credibility

Imagine advertising your new fashion brand on a celebrity’s podcast. The host talks about your brand and encourages their audience to check out your store.

The result? A massive increase in sales! You have even more sales and higher returns when the influencer wears one of your designs. The logic is simple; the audience buys because they trust the host.

Think of it like leveraging the credibility of the famous host or show. Smaller businesses can try this podcast advertising strategy to boost sales.

4.   You can track the results of podcast adverts

Another benefit of using podcasts to advertise your business is the provision of detailed audience analytics. Access to data containing the number of purchases per click, total downloads, and listeners’ demographics makes it possible to make better marketing decisions.

Moreover, show hosts can use these previous track records of successful campaigns to create a media kit to get podcast sponsors.

5.   Podcast adverts generate sales in the short and long run

Podcast advertising offers marketing results longer than other traditional advertising methods. Sponsored ad slots on radio or TV are only for a limited duration compared to podcast adverts.

Even after obtaining higher sales from the podcast promotional ads, the podcasts remain online and accessible. Your ads stay a part of that episode and potentially attract future listeners to your brand.


While podcast advertising is a great and effective marketing strategy, it might be challenging initially. But understanding its importance as a cost-effective promotional alternative will be motivation to keep going.

With our list of benefits and some background on podcast ads, you can put these into practice and start advertising today!

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