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What is OTT TV?

You have probably heard of Netflix, right?

Well, that is one of the many OTT channels. OTT stands for over-the-top, and it is television media that does not use cable nor satellite but instead utilizes the internet. This means that if the internet is down, you cannot watch any show.OTT TV is what people call streaming, and you can stream any piece of content at any time of day or night.


How is OTT delivered?

As mentioned above, OTT is viewed via the internet, so its delivery is dependant on a stable internet connection. That said, you first need a hardware device that is compatible with an internet connection, and secondly, connectivity that is stable enough to host a stream uninterrupted. Here are several devices you can use OTT on.

Mobile devices 

This category includes phones and not just any phones, but smartphones and tablets. This gadget must have the storage capacity and RAM to support the OTT channels without crushing. Since most OTT platforms have mobile apps, you can view whatever you want at any time, anywhere.

Personal computers 

Computers being the first place the internet made to, it is without a doubt that you can also get an OTT platform delivered through one. Because they have a bigger screen, it is far more comfortable watching a series or show through an OTT over the computer. In this lot we also have laptops.

Smart TVs

Technology has come a long way, and TVs are a sure sign we are going even further. Today TVs are smart in that they can be connected to the internet and function practically like a computer. You can have your social media logged in, talk to friends, and yes, you guessed right, watch some OTT media too. Here you find Apple TV, PlayStation, FireStick, and so much more. Some of these named smart gadgets like Amazon FireStick could turn a digital TV into a smart TV.

Is OTT superior to Cable?

Of course, OTT is better than cable, and here is why:

  • You can stream content anywhere

Since you can access OTT from a mobile device which essentially goes with you everywhere, it is better than cable. The cable requires a wire connection and an aerial sometimes; everything OTT does not need.

  • It is Ad free 

It is expected that when watching cable, right in the middle of your movie, a commercial break is taken. And soon after an ad, or several are aired. With OTT, none of this happens as you enjoy uninterrupted showings without advertisements.

  • You choose what you want to watch

With cable, you have to stick with what the producers of the channels have lined up, but with OTT, you get to select what you want to watch. This freedom of choice is unmatched, making OTT superior to cable for sure.

Take away

OTT TV platforms include Netflix, HBO Now, Hulu, Amazon Video, and many more. This way of watching content is growing exponentially, and we only expect the popularity to expand further than what it is today. 

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