What is Gynecomastia and How to Deal With It

When men think they differ significantly from women, a gynecomastia condition gives them a reality pill, letting them know that human body systems are similar in some ways, especially with hormone development. Gynecomastia is the medical name for describing men having enlarged breasts. Medical professionals refer to this condition as having man-boobs or moobs. 

Breast tissue is present in both genders. However, the ones in men are small and relatively unnoticeable. The gynecomastia condition makes the men’s breast tissue grow too much right under the nipple or areola area, making it look like you are a woman just beginning to grow breasts. However, gynecomastia is not discriminatory in men. It affects newborns, adolescent boys, and older men. 

Also, gynecomastia is related to other conditions from increased estrogen, insulin resistance, excessive body fat, side effects of medications to having chronic ailments. Developing man boobs can be a direct consequence of alcohol intake. For instance, alcoholic drinks damage the liver, which is supposed to break down harmful substances, while also affecting your kidney, which should help you pump blood to vital organs in your body. When these organs are not working correctly, it causes an effect on your body system. 

Not only that, taking steroids or other medications have side effects, which include gynecomastia while using bath or body care products that affect estrogen levels in your body increases your chances of developing man boobs. 

The silver lining here is that having an enlarged breast is treatable, whether mild or severe, there are some treatment options to help you deal with it. 


Gynecomastia has stages, one is when you only have a puffy breast, but the last level – stage four is more pronounced, as it will have your breast tissue developing to reach the armpit area. No matter the stage of your man-boobs, a male breast reduction surgery has got you covered to remove the breast tissue. The general procedure is called liposuction, but there are cases when you require more than that to get rid of the man’s boobs completely. 

Liposuction is used to remove the breast tissue. Still, in a situation where there is breast fat in the chest area, it has to be removed to prevent a new gynecomastia condition soon. In summary, the surgery helps get back your revealing muscle chest.


You can deal with your man boobs by following an intense exercise routine, not saying you need to start weightlifting or strenuous cardiovascular training. Start small but be consistent, and you will see how amazing your body physique will turn out in 3-6 months. Look at these options as a budget-friendly one, as you won’t need a gym membership before you can briskly walk, jog, dance, row, skip rope, squat, swim, skate, push-up, and other aerobic exercises.

These exercises can take place in your backyard, living room, or public parks. However, when you feel that these aerobics are doing wonders and you want to improve on them, you could get a gym card and pump some weight, it will help you flatten those breast tissues, and you will get your muscular physique back in no time. 


Medications can be used in a reverse-engineering way to help you deal with gynecomastia conditions. Doctors usually recommend that you either reduce the dose of the drugs that cause your hormonal changes or write another one that can help you correct it. You can also be placed on testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). This procedure involves using injections, skin gels, or patches to improve your testosterone levels and reduce the estrogen to the nearest minimum. 

Lifestyle Changes 

This is a big step to help you deal with gynecomastia. You can begin with eating a balanced diet to counteract the junk foods that have made you add weight, reduce your alcohol intake or recreational drug use and cap it with exercise. This is a long and arduous step to get rid of your man boobs, but it is worth it. 

An imbalance in human sex hormones, testosterone, and estrogen causes gynecomastia. Men have too much testosterone in their bodies, which is good because it limits breast tissue growth, which the estrogen hormone (growing of breast tissue) handles. So, when there are hormonal changes in men, it could cause them to develop enlarged breasts, and as stated earlier, every man is fair game when it comes to having hormonal changes.

With the stated information above, you now know that you can also develop showy breasts as a man and that’s okay. There are ways you can deal with it.