What is Find my iPhone?

Find My Phone is a software and a service for smartphones. A registered user can use this service to find the approximate location of the phone or table over the Internet  if switched on. It also works by the phone sending an e-mail or a text message.

It used mostly to locate lost or stolen phones. Another feature that is linked to Find my Phone in case of a stolen or lost device is the iCloud activation lock.

The iCloud Activation Lock  is used by iPhones, iPads, and iPods touch. It is included in the Find My Phone service. It is a feature designed to prevent anyone but you using your iPhone, ipad or iPod touch. It  gets lost or it is stolen the activation lock will be automatically turned on as soon as you use Find My Phone service.

The Activation’s lock main purpose is to keep your iPhone and its data safe, no matter who is in possession of your device. It also improves the chances of recovering your device. There is a feature where you can erase all the information on your device remotely, and prevent your private data to be misused.

Erasing all your data remotely won’t stop the Activation Lock from functioning. The feature will still deter anyone from using your device without your permission. In order to use it, all you need is to keep Find My Phone turned on, and know your Apple ID and password.

How does it work?

Apple has set up a T2 security chip on their iPhones, iPads, iPod touch, Apple Watch and Mac computers. When you turn on Find My Phone, the T2 security chip gets linked to your Apple ID and is safely stored. Apple’s activation servers secure your ID and link it to your device.

When you have used this feature, you must use your Apple ID and password that is required to turn off Find My Device. That is why the phone is thought to be useless after it has been locked. If you want to erase the data on your iPhone, or unlock your phone, you must use the password and Apple ID, so remember it well.

Advantages of Find My Phone and iCloud Activation Code

If you own an Apple device, you know they are pricey and valuable. Some use them for their daily life activities. Other people fully rely on their Apple devices in their professional careers. Either way, they are important and they cost a lot of money.

It is a good idea to keep an iPhone, iPad or macBook from being stolen. But, the truth is we can only make sure to follow the steps that if the worst comes to happen, we have set up a fall back plan. When enabling Find My Phone or linking your Apple ID to the iCloud Activation Lock, we are protecting our data and even enhancing the chance of finding a stolen device.

The Activation Lock feature allows us to wipe out the phone and protect vital information about us from being used wrongly. If the thief is not smart enough, we may even retrieve our device by enabling the GPS function.

Overall, it is a great safety feature that will give you peace of mind in the unlucky case you lose your Apple device.


While the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, it is smart to be aware of what could go wrong when using Find My Phone with the iCloud Activation Lock. First, you must be extremely careful when buying a refurbished iPhone. It doesn’t matter if it comes from an individual or a store. Always ask for the password and Apple ID from the old user. This will tell you whether the device truly belonged to them or it might be stolen. It will also save you a headache in case it is already locked.

Another possible incident to look out for is forgetting your password and Apple ID. This will mean your phone is locked, until you take the steps to unlock it. That is why it is recommendable to use a password that we can remember easily.

Lastly, you must be careful of getting your data stolen. If you use a password that is too common, there is a chance for you Find My Phone to be hacked. The hacker then can use your data at will, including just erasing it. There are not many cases of this happening. But, it is good to be aware and take the necessary steps to prevent any data weaknesses.

How to enable Find My Phone

Find My Phone service is offered for free by Apple for iPhones running iOS and other Apple devices. The way to set it up is quite simple, we will describe how to enable the service on your iPhone. To check other devices go to Apple support:

  1. Open the Settings app.

  2. Tap your name

  3. Tap Find My

  4. Tap Find My (add your device), then turn Find My (add your device)

  5. Turn Find My (add your network) to see your device even when it’s offline.

  6. Turn on Send Last Location to have the location of your device sent to Apple when the battery is low.

How to bypass iCloud Activation Lock

If you have been wrongfully locked out of your device, you may need to bypass the iCloud Activation Lock. In the case you forgot your password or Apple ID, or the previous rightful owner did, you will be locked out of your iPhone. This will be a very stressful situation, but don’t despair, there are solutions and steps you can take.

  1. Contact Apple: You can contact Apple to get their help with unlocking your device after it has been iCloud locked, however this will only work if you’re the first owner of the device or with the help of the previous owner. So, if you got  a second-hand iPhone and their previous owner is not available, you cannot use Apple’s help.

  2. iPhoneIMEI: You can unlock your phone using this service. The activation lock can be bypassed by iPhoneIMEI safely, fast and legally. They become your representatives in front of Apple, in order to get your device unlocked and under your name.

  3. Ask previous owners: if you can still contact the previous owner, then you can ask them for the password. Another option is for them to wipe out their account linked to your device and you can set it up from zero.