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What is Embracer Group – the new owners of the Lord of the Rings universe?

The Embracer Group is a doozy of a media company. They are 11 parent companies in a massive trench coat themselves composed of several more parent companies that own publishers and developers and the rights to video game franchises, both AAA and indie. Earlier today, it added several more companies to its roster, including Limited Run Games, man eater developer Tripwire Interactive, and the intellectual property rights in parts of The Lord of the Rings and the hobbit universes.

It would take an unreasonable amount of time and space to list all the companies and assets of the Embracer Group and it would get a bit boring. So here are the highlights in the company’s portfolio.

What video game franchises I’ve heard of do Embracer own now?

Embracer Group owns the companies that owns the companies that make: Little Nightmares II, Goat Simulator, Destroy All Humans!, TimeSplitters, Timecop, Darksiders, Saints Row, Duke Nukem, Borderlands, Valheim, Killing Floor, Deus Exand Tomb Raider.

And what about Embracer Group’s TV, comic, and film franchises?

In 2021, Embracer bought Dark Horse Media, the parent group of Dark Horse Comics – the fourth largest comic book publisher and home to hits such as hellboy, Sin City, 300and The Umbrella Academy. Of course, this also means that it also owns the rights to all future film adaptations of those comics. But wait, there’s more! Embracer Group also owns several physical game publishers, including a ton of licensed card and board games, and u Settlers of Catan.

When did Embracer start with this buying frenzy?

Most of these companies and franchises have been acquired in the past four years. This most recent takeover crack started in May this year when it bought the Tomb Raider and Deus Ex franchises along with other Square Enix Europe development studios and games. In a press releasethe company said the deal will deliver “an exciting pipeline of new installments from beloved franchises and original IPs, including a new Tomb Raider game.”

So what is Embracer’s big plan?

It appears that the company’s long-term strategy is to acquire notable intellectual properties within the game industry and other IPs that allow them to create games and other media. (This has been Disney’s strategy for over a decade.The purchase of Limited Run Games today also means that everything in Embracer’s extensive back catalog could receive a physical reissue.

The speed at which Embracer Group is gobbling up companies further consolidating an already increasingly consolidated market is cause for some concern. But to put the company in perspective against its peers in the industry, it would take about eight to match one Activision Blizzard. So while the company may seem relatively large, it’s not even in the top 10 largest video game companies. At least not yet. The Lord of the Rings deal offers huge opportunities to make a lot of money with games set in that universe. It is totally possible for a Minas Tirith city management simulator or, even better, a Barbie Horse Adventuresstyle game with the Rohirrim. One can hope.

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