What is an AVI FILE : How to Compress it?

Audio visual interleaved were invented in 1980. You can store videos and audios in digital formats. These formats are already built in every window. You don’t have to download them separately. However you can store any kind of data in these files formats. You might have to convert this format in various formats such as MPEG such as software to convert AVI to mp4.

You can download a number of convertors. Why you need to do this and how would you do it will be explained later. before you jump into it, make sure that you have got the right video compressor which has very fine features and formats such as uniconverter etc.   

In this section we will only find out what is AVI. Sometimes people get confused about it. It is specially designed for desktop. Its codecs are suitable for windows. The main codecs are DivX and XviD.

Secondly we will learn how can we compress an AVI file by using a Uniconverter. Before we start let us see what actually is uni converter, it is a decent software with a very reliable interfect for beginners and professionals as well. Here is the method to convert AVI to mp4.

What is the Structure of an AVI File 

The base of AVI files is RESOURCE INTERCHANGE FILE FORMAT, the distinct feature of its structure is the formation of chunks. The videos are formed into different packets of information. 

These packets consists of two parts. A header which is known for keeping the metadata of the file. The second part is tagged as mvi, and it consists of main data of the clips. Different codes can change the MVI part of AVI. 

What are the Advantages of AVI Compression 

The AVi compression software are designed for compressing the same codec videos. These videos then can be used in  any operating system which is developed by Microsoft. 

You can open this format in any hardware device you don’t need any specific kind of hardware. 

This format is best for short clips and videos. If you are planning to make an ad then  it can be very helpful. Because the codec and structure of AVi are for smaller clips. This can be done with grace and efficiency. 

The files are of master files. You can completely rely on them. in case of alteration you can change the file format whenever needed. 

Not only ads you can also create DVDs. If you have got any old DVD which is now and old version get that into your computer and convert and compress it with AVI codecs.  

Disadvantages of AVI Compression 

Online codec compression can be a bit tricky. If you have compressed a video in a specific codec you will have to install the same codec for running those videos and audios. 

There would be no subtitles. You can not make it work with softsubs. Your videos would not be with subtitles. This can be a bit annoying but if you have great listening skills it would not be a big deal.

Uncompressed AVI files can be very big. They can occupy a very large space. This is a drawback. 

There is a pool of various codecs for AVI. You will have to invest some time and energy for getting the most suitable codec.   

Avi are not user friendly as compared to other formats. It might annoy you a bit, you might need to learn how to use an AVI before you get into some real trouble. Or end up in deleting the format or the files.

How to Compress AVI File in Uniconverter

The very first step for compressing an AVI file through Uniconverter is the launching of the software, after you have opened uniconverter , you will have to read carefully what is the interface is telling you. 

Now, when you feel that you have thoroughly understood the various functions and services available you, you must look for the tool box. 

After clicking on the tool box, you will be able to see an option for “video compression” , select the video which you want to compress. 

When you click the symbol of addition appearing right at the center of your screen, you will be asked to add the video, browse the video and add it to the uniconverter. 

Now, it is time for customizing the video. You will have to set the format of video if you want to convert it and the resolution ec. 

Next, is the preview time, like every reliable video converter, uniconverter also lets you check the video before getting the last result. 

Compress the video according to the required size, and download it for your use. You have successfully compressed your AVI file through UniConverter.