What is a hen party without games? Top 8 craziest hen party games

Despite all the naughty adventures that you may have experienced during college, there comes a time when you’ll have to leave everything behind and start a new chapter in your life. It doesn’t mean, though, that before that happens, we shouldn’t make one last attempt at reminding ourselves what fun there once was. That’s why hen parties exist. In a minute, you’ll learn what the games you and your friends should try out during a hen party are. 

Vodka Pong

A lot of guides that you are likely to find on the internet will tell you that you should play prosecco pong or some variation of it. Sure, a glass of wine is a great way to start the party, but if you want to add some thrill to the game, go with vodka. This way, the stakes will be much higher. Just don’t fill the cups full of vodka – you want to kick start your party, not end it!

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Male strippers

Okay, it’s not a game, but I don’t think that it matters. Male strippers can instantly make any party much more exciting. You shouldn’t go too far with the fun, but there’s nothing wrong with touching their perfectly moulded 6 packs. Just imagine their muscular bodies with a bit of oil for good measure in various poses while the sun is shining brightly. No one knows if there is an afterlife, but honestly, it couldn’t possibly get better than this. And let’s be honest – the life of male strippers in Melbourne, with all those beaches must be great. 

The Daring Game

Another way of making sure that you won’t quickly forget the hen party is to dare your friends to accomplish tasks that might not be on the responsible side. It could be “steal a wig off someone’s head”, “touch the left buttock of a bald man”, or “convince 4 people that the Earth is flat”. The only limit is your imagination! Remember that the things that seem to be great ideas after you’ve downed a couple of shots make for the best stories! Consequences? The future doesn’t exist; there is only here and now!

Trivia Quiz

If you want to check how deep is your friendship, or, to be more realistic, how good is your memory after drinking a couple of glasses of the cheapest wine you could find, a Trivia Quiz would be of much use. Don’t forget that it’s a hen party; make the questions unusually specific. Make everyone taking it question everything!

Never Have I Ever

If you don’t want to focus on the bride-to-be only, a game of “Never Have I Ever” is a great way to learn new facts about your friends. Alcohol will make it easier for the participants to avoid lying, but let’s be honest: there’s also an element of dignity. If someone asks “have you ever used a vegetable to please yourself, or your partner”, you might feel more comfortable downing a shot than answering verbally. Thank God for the alcohol.

Fact or fiction

Many games include listening to the bride’s weird adventures, but is there a more mischievous way of checking your friends’ knowledge than a game of “Fact or fiction”? Ideally, you would create a list of things that could possibly have happened. Just don’t be too mean. Horses are very gentle animals which is why you should avoid making any insinuations about those noble quadrupeds and Karen.


Are you a fan of art? If the answer is “absolutely”, you could try moulding some objects. Sure, you could try moulding legs with your friends after a few shots, but what fun is it? It’s a hen party, which means that you should absolutely make attempts at creating the best specimen of a penis. After you are done, you could use them to decorate your homes!


Every one of those games goes best with a little bit of alcohol, but this one needs a significant amount. After you’ve consumed at least 5 shots, which is done of course to get the creative juices flowing, each one of you should write one line of a story. You cannot discuss how the plot should progress; the less sense the story makes, the better. Yeah, the chances that it will slowly turn into low-brow erotica are considerable. And there’s nothing to be ashamed of. Just make sure that no one else will have access to it.

Take a pick!

If you don’t go overboard with the alcohol, you are likely to remember the hen party for a long time. When a group of friends meet to celebrate the fact that one of them is starting a new chapter in their life, weird things happen. Usually, those things would seem irresponsible, deranged, or dangerous, but hen parties don’t happen every day, right? Sometimes things might get a little out of control, but hey, it’s a hen party, what else would you expect? If you want to start the night just right, choose one of those games and godspeed!