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What I learned from testing ChatGPT’s new memory feature

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everything reminds me of His. While ChatGPT isn’t as powerful as the AI ​​in Spike Jonze’s sci-fi romance movie, OpenAI’s experimental memory tool for its chatbot seems to suggest a future where bots are highly personalized and capable of holding more conversations. fluid and realistic.

OpenAI has just launched a new feature for ChatGPT Plus subscribers called Memory, where the AI ​​chatbot stores personal data that you share in conversations and references this information during future chats. Announced in February, ChatGPT’s Memory feature was only available for testing by a small group of users until the end of April.

While it is expected to eventually be available to OpenAI’s Enterprise and Team customers, the feature is available to Plus subscribers first. However, subscribers in Europe or Korea currently cannot use ChatGPT Memory. It is also not yet integrated with the GPT Store.

WIRED received early access to the OpenAI feature and I spent some time testing it to better understand this new functionality and gather some tips you can use to get started. While some details may change about this nascent feature, here’s what you can expect when you get started with ChatGPT Memory.

How to navigate ChatGPT’s memory feature

When ChatGPT Memory arrived in my paid account, I received a pop-up notification explaining the new tool and how it can be used to remember certain details in conversations. It is worth noting that Memory is enabled automatically. You can easily opt out if you prefer by opening Settingsso Personalizationand alternating the Memory option by moving the slider to the left.

While there is some overlap, ChatGPT Memory is not expected to replace the “custom instructions” feature.

OpenAI via Reece Rogers

Adding data about yourself to ChatGPT’s memory is simple: just chat with the bot. As you use the OpenAI software, ChatGPT pulls in personal information from conversations, such as your name and where you live, as well as more specific observations, such as your favorite movies and least favorite foods. Every time the chatbot adds some information, you may see a Updated memory notification. Tap that notification to see what was included.

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