What else does Berlin have to offer besides tech?

<pre><pre>What else does Berlin have to offer besides tech?

While the masses are gathering at IFA, Europe's largest technology fair, to stroke the latest and greatest gadgets, filmmakers James Barber and Hollie Hayton have discovered what Berlin has to offer even more besides lusty technology and seemingly endless supply of curry sausage.

Search with yawning and many historical facts about the Reichstag, the cathedral of Berlin and the Brandenburg Gate in the video above.

Of course James and Hollie also visit IFA itself. Watch more videos of the couple in the coming days as they explore IFA in collaboration with Philips TV.

Expect the latest technology from the press day and their favorite gadgets from the labyrinthine halls of the Messe Berlin. There may even be an Ambilight TV or two to gape at.

For more information about Philips TV, see part two of the Extreme earth series, giving two lucky readers the chance to join Philips for a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the Arizona desert.

The resulting 90-second 4K video and documentary are spectacular pieces of desert-eye-candy that are worth a look.