What Do You Need for The Last Rites?

We all like watching movies and the favourite one of ours is the one with a happy ending, but sadly this is no truth in the case of life. We all are aware of the fact that one day we have to leave this heavenly body, but it’s difficult to accept this harsh reality in case of our dear ones. Bidding them adieu forever is a very emotional feeling, but still, it’s life, and it must go on. One needs to understand this and need to stay strong. At the same time, performing the last rites, some various customs and traditions required to be followed on. Memorial personalisation is extremely important as it leads to dealing with the deceased family members in the best possible way. The first is to get the funeral card printed to inform people and perform the last rites to give tribute to the soul. If you have decided for the funeral home, do discuss it with other family members as well because as a human being all of them are attached with the deceased one and have some wish which they want to perform.  Below are some key points which you can take as a piece of advice if certain mishappening occurs or you are in favour of choosing a funeral home.

  • Discuss with your family members and decide on a budget:

It is extremely important to discuss all the factors and what budget will be affordable for you. Don’t get carried away in sentiments. You also need to shop for a funeral which will be affected by your budget. Memorial prayer card also needs to be printed, which will state the grievances that one is feeling and offer the soul. Consult with your family members if they have any preferences for the final arrangements. 

  • Get acquainted with funeral rights:

Always be in touch with other elder members as they have better experience and knowledge of the rites, they will tell you about all the rituals. Get everything in writing so that it doesn’t become hectic at the last moment. If you have a certain wish to express it so that you come to know whether you can perform it or not. If you wish you can present your personalised prayer card as a devotion.

  • Prioritize your list

There are few questions that need to be solved. You need to access the location type, place of worship, cemetery if you have any special religious and cultural requirements. Keep both the prices and location balanced. Generally, funeral homes don’t charge much if your home is 20 to 30 miles away in picking up the body. So, choose accordingly by keeping these factors into consideration.

  • Follow up the choices

By keeping in mind your priorities, do further research about the funeral homes. Visit the other funeral homes website, check the amenities. You can ask even your family members and friends, relatives if they have got any idea or experiences. You can also take help from customer review and then can opt them accordingly. Discuss your specific arrangement and can ask for the peculiarities. 

  • Get it listed

In funeral rites ask your family, relatives and other members of your household as well to sit down and listen to everyone’s choices. Do include your maid, gardener, cook and every person who was with the deceased one in their lifetime. It gives a sense of satisfaction, and also, they feel included. Your job will become easier; you can coordinate well with everyone and make sure to list it down. Please write down the instructions laid on, the pieces of advice each of it.