Home Money What could the general election mean for your money? This is the money podcast

What could the general election mean for your money? This is the money podcast

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 What could the general election mean for your money? This is the money podcast

The Prime Minister put an end to all speculation this week by giving us the date of the general election: July 4.

This comes as the latest inflation reading was 2.3 per cent, slightly above forecasts, making a base rate cut next month now unlikely.

Simon Lambert, Georgie Frost and Lee Boyce delve into the economic situation and what the upcoming election could mean for your money, when it comes to taxes, pensions, property and everything in between.

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Nationwide Building Society posted pre-tax profits of £1.77bn this week and as a result is handing out another year of £100 ‘Fairer Share’ loyalty payments – will you qualify?

Not only that, it’s now offering £200 to switchers and an exclusive 5.5 per cent loyalty savings rate.

What do you think about early retirement? It seems to appeal to many of us because Google searches for “retire early” have tripled in the last decade.

But how much would you be willing to sacrifice to achieve it? At the extreme, we have the FIRE movement, which advocates saving 70 percent of income.

Special guest, former This is Money editor Andrew Oxlade, had had enough – explains why.

Finally, This is Money has a new regular series with valuation expert Dan Hatfield: Lee reveals all about the first, all about the first edition books, and gives details on how to value YOUR items for free.

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