What can you use Bitcoin for these days?

Since its introduction in 2008, Bitcoin has made the front-page news on multiple occasions. Today, the initial craze surely has passed, but the most famous cryptocurrency is still popular. 

Its fast-changing price fluctuations offer a lot of possibilities to investors. Additionally, many vendors and companies accept alternative payment methods, such as the use of digital cash, so there are many ways in which you can spend your Bitcoin.

Who uses Bitcoin these days?

Calculating the number of Bitcoin users is not an exact science, as it would be hard to get measurable data. People often trade their coins or just hold on to them, waiting for the perfect opportunity to sell. Nevertheless, over 100 million wallets with value and a daily average of one million active wallets paint a clearer picture. 

As one of the most popular destinations for cryptocurrencies, The United States has many Bitcoin users. The estimations suggest it could be 11% of Americans, which would mean that approximately 30 million Bitcoin owners are based in the States. However, the emerging markets such as Nigeria, South Africa, or Vietnam also do a lot to adapt to the new solutions.

Internet services

It isn’t a surprise the currency that exists in the digital world would be most useful for the things we do on the internet. It starts with fundamental needs such as VPN, cloud services, and hosting. NordVPN, one of the most reputable virtual private network service providers, now accepts Bitcoin and several other cryptocurrencies. 

Blockchain technology has made an impression on various businesses. No wonder that major tech companies embraced the idea. Many software and hardware manufacturers started accepting Bitcoin, including the big players like Microsoft.

As a popular method of purchasing things, the internet also has many online stores that accept Bitcoin. Those are, among others: Overstock, Rakuten, Shopify, BitPlaza, Newegg. More other branches embraced the idea of using cryptocurrencies. 

To mention a few: mobile carriers and television and internet service providers (AT&T, eGifter), online media and marketing companies (Wikipedia, iTunes), and charity organizations (The Water Project, Red Cross). Even some of the banks and payment services decided to join in the game rather than stay behind the competition (PayPal, Goldman Sachs, Royal Bank of Canada).

Online gaming

When looking for the right poker website, many players find a few things essential: quality and security of the software, lots of online traffic, a good poker bonus, loyalty program, and other special offers. A safe and reliable payment processing should be on the list too, and nowadays, it also includes accepting virtual currencies as one of the options. 

In fact, online casinos were among the first industries that included the use of virtual money in their offer. Some of them even introduced their own coin for playing purposes. Today, there are plenty of possibilities to buy video and computer games and in-game currencies using Bitcoin.   

The real world

For obvious reasons, traditional vendors and businesses have a more extended transition period when it comes to new technologies. Apart from regular online shopping, there are few exciting items to buy for Bitcoins. Car companies and dealerships, real estate businesses, watch shops, jewelry stores, airlines – all those industries have a few representatives that accept Bitcoin as payments. Let’s not forget about fast food and takeaways, as well as restaurants and bars, and even gas stations, gun shops, and universities.