What can Lilibet’s HOROSCOPE reveal about her personality?


Lilibet, the daughter of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, is only three days old, but according to an astrologer, there may already be clues about the kind of girl she will become.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex welcomed Lilibet Grace, named in honor of her great-grandmother and grandmother, at 11:40 a.m. Friday at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital, California.

UK-based astrologer Francesca Oddie used the details of the date, time and location of Lilibet’s birth to create a horoscope chart that could provide insight into the personality traits the royal baby might one day develop.

Here she shares her findings with FEMAIL…

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's daughter, Lilibet, is only three days old, but according to an astrologer, there may already be clues about the kind of girl she will become.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s daughter, Lilibet, is only three days old, but according to an astrologer, there may already be clues about the kind of girl she will become.

A very lively new baby has arrived at Harry and Meghan’s house, but what can we tell about her from her chart?

The most striking observation is that Lilibet is born on the 4th of the month, just like her mother’s birthday is on August 4.

The famous numerologist Florence Campbell wrote that those born on the 4th love nature, the house, the family and their country.

She adds that they are quite stuck in their views and tend to impose them on others, she writes, “you feel yourself master of the right code of ethics.”

The general horoscope indicates that she is very strong-willed, can read between the lines, sticks to her goals and is very persuasive to get what she wants.

Lilibet is a mutable Gemini. Born on the same day as Russell Brand, she will have the ability to ask questions, talk, and sift information at the speed of light.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced the birth of their daughter Lilibet yesterday

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced the birth of their daughter Lilibet yesterday

Her brain is nimble, but since Mercury is retrograde and square to Neptune, it is likely that she will be a shy child, one who observes the world, sensitive to everything around her and taking in the nuance of everything that goes on inside her. presence is said.

In later life, this will translate as someone who is wise because they have observed others and can perform very well in front of the camera, something that is repeated in her Leo ascension. A born show girl!

I’ve done a lot of research on the Mercury Neptune aspect and found that it’s common in people who are left-handed and right-handed.

What that means is that she can be musical, good with numbers, a visual thinker, very sensitive, poetic and charming. This aspect often, but not always, corresponds to being dyslexic.

Lilibet has the Moon in Aries conjunct Chiron and in astrology we often say that ‘the child creates the mother’ and that the child’s moon co-creates the type of mother that Meghan will be.

The moon in fiery Aries seems appropriate. It speaks of independence and someone who responds authentically to their world. I have found that women with the moon in Aries are brilliant business people, they make quick, clear decisions, stick to them, guard their limits and know their worth. In a baby, this creates an interesting toddler phase.

Astrologer Francesca said Lilibet could be the

Astrologer Francesca said Lilibet could be the “healer” bringing the family back together. Pictured, Harry and Meghan with son Archie, Doria, the Queen and Prince Philip

That said, the Moon conjunct Chiron does suggest some difficulty to be overcome in expressing her wants and needs at home. Or it could be that this little baby is the wise counselor who acts as a bridge between the royals and Megan and Harry.

Chiron is known as ‘the wounded healer’. Lilibet Diana carries a divided and damaged family karma, but as her name suggests, she may be the irresistible hook to bring the family back together.

The fact that she was born 6 days before her late great-great-grandfather would have reached his 100th birthday (at the solar eclipse) only adds to the poignancy of her arrival to connect the families.

Mars rules the sign of Aries and he is in Cancer applicable to Pluto, which is a hugely powerful aspect that makes Lilibet someone of unparalleled drive, stamina and determination. She can set her mind to anything and get it done.

A fact that reverberates around her horoscopes as she has “fixed angles” like a rising Leo with Taurus at the very top of her chart, she’s firmly on her feet. Despite her mind being agile and flexible, it will be difficult to change her direction once she’s made it up.

The Taurus at the very top of her map connects her to Harry’s Moon in Taurus; a slow and steady wins the race approach to life! Also with Leo Rising and Taurus at the very top of her map, I’d suggest exceptional beauty is on the map for little Lilibet.

Venus and Mars in Cancer further connect her to her Mother who ascends Cancer and has Mars in Cancer and Diana who also had the Sun conjunct Mercury Retrograde. Cancer placements are extremely loving, family means everything to them, but they can be very defensive and will act first and ask questions later if they think their family is being threatened. Fiercely protective, is probably a better way to describe these individuals.

All in all, the sweet Lilibet is a life path 6, she needs peace, harmony and family. She can carry the burden of others and always put in more effort than other people in her family to keep the bonds together. The 6 really wants people to get along, they also want to be in control and can be more than a little ‘mother hen!’

Life Path 6 must learn to be responsible, cheer other people up and balance opposites. Florence Campbell wrote of the life path 6 that they should “be ready to give material or spiritual help when asked” and service is the way forward for her.

Born with Lucky Jupiter in Pisces, often referred to as the ‘Guardian Angel’ placement, all eyes are on Lilibet as the power of love shows its full power.