What are the top 5 games on Xbox?

he is the best The Xbox One games collection is a selection of the best games available on Microsoft’s last-gen system. These are the must-have games, and the majority of them can only be found on Microsoft’s Xbox platform. That means PC and Xbox One, as well as Xbox Series X with some delectable graphical and performance boosts.

Top 5 games on Xbox:

This article is about the finest Xbox One games to play right now. The Xbox One family of consoles has a wide selection of games to play, providing plenty of options, but it might be difficult to discover the appropriate Xbox One games for you. So we’ve compiled a list of the best Xbox One games to help you make your decision. Check more games here โหลกเกมส์.

Overdrive at Sunset:

The problem with Sunset Overdrive was that it seemed interesting even before it was released. This hardware generation has gotten off to a shaky start. Sunset Overdrive, with its silly jokes, vibrant colors, and explosives that wrote out the word “BOOM” in balls of fire, seemed to be the best of the PS2 period, a knockabout adventure game that was clearly not for everyone, a knockabout action game that was emphatically not for everyone.

Sunset Overdrive is a total joy to play in the hands, with quickfire gags piling up on top with one of the most brilliantly enabling control systems in years as you rail-grind, bounce, and air-dash your way across a likable open-world, compress enough to own and bright enough to make exploring a joy.

Master Chief Collection:

Yes, we’re fully aware of the issues that beset this particular entry, but now that it’s working, there’s no denying the quality of the work and its place on our list of the top Xbox One games. Bungie’s brilliance meets 343’s devotion in a package that genuinely honors and industry-shattering heritage. The Master Chief Collection, again buffed, revarnished, and back in the shop display, makes us question if Halo has always looked so good.

Forza Horizon 4:

What began as a spin-off to the more traditional Xbox-exclusive racing flagship, Forza Motorsport, is now probably the best – and certainly one of the most popular – racing game series in the world. With its magnificent open-world areas and peppy festival gimmick, Forza Horizon combines unmistakable car-nerd authenticity with a cheerful, exploring spirit that appeals to everyone who enjoys enjoyable video games. For the fourth game, Playground took the series back to the United Kingdom with its best map yet, which was made even more romantically thrilling by changing seasons – while continual live updates made it almost impossible to put down.

Sea of Thieves:

The game is about thievery. Is every pirate trope encapsulated in a single game? It succeeds because pirate clichés are lovely things, and Rare is that rare developer who is confident in its own absurdity while remaining modest enough to listen to criticism. What began as a curious curio – Eve Online placed at sea and with a sense of comedy – has grown into a gloriously generous open-seas swashbuckler, complete with groaning boats, clanging skeletons, and a feeling of mystery that settles over some occasionally sparse systems. A joy to behold.

Rainbow Six Siege:

A Rainbow Six, Siege match feels more like a slasher thriller than an all-guns-blazing FPS in the first few minutes. The pattering of combat boots reverberates throughout the building. Home Alone defenses are set up by the defenders. Was that a rappel buckle squeaking? Most horror games lack a sense of tension, but this one does. And when all hell breaks loose, you’re thrust into a world of deep, strategic, and brutally punishing fighting. This is by far the smartest multiplayer shooter on the Xbox One brimming with tactical possibilities and designed for one more go appeal.


Well, that depends on your gaming preferences. We tried to put together a collection that spans a wide range of genres, so you should be able to find something that appeals to you. Forza Horizon 4 is a must-have for racing fans, while FIFA 22 is our top choice for sports fans, and The Witcher is ideal for those looking for an action-packed role-playing game.