What Are The Requirements For Becoming A Teacher? Find Out Here

Teaching is one of the most rewarding professions in the world. It’s also one of the most difficult – and not just because you’ll be handling unruly pupils all day long! There are a lot of requirements for becoming a teacher, and they’re important to know if you want to pursue this career path. Read on to learn more about what it takes to become an educator. 

Teaching diploma

In Australia, teachers will need to get a teaching diploma. This diploma is given by the Department of Education and Training. One has to be a permanent resident of Australia in order to apply for this diploma. The applicant’s qualifications should be at least a bachelor’s degree level or higher from an Australian institution of higher education. This program will take one to two years to complete.

This is the requirement for becoming a primary school teacher, considering that primary school teachers need to be able to teach children in years 1-6. If you aim at teaching older students, you will have to get another diploma called ‘senior secondary’ which lasts for two years as well. Every applicant should get this type of diploma if he or she wants to become a high school teacher and teaches years 7-12. It may also be required by some employers that applicants submit professional references from previous workplaces and show proof of any degrees earned so far.

Having in mind that we are currently living in a global pandemic, online diplomas are becoming more and more attractive opportunities. If you, let’s say, wish to become a master of teaching primary education online you can do so by enrolling in one of the many teaching diploma courses available on the internet. You can then complete your master’s degree or doctorate degrees online as well!

Specific requirements

However, it is also important to note that certain requirements could hold you back from gaining work experience or becoming a teacher at all. If you lack good English literacy skills and/or numeracy skills, then your application could be rejected. Also, having been released from prison after serving time for any serious offense including children, drugs, fraud, and assaults can stop you from joining this profession as well! Have in mind that you can apply for an exemption if you meet certain criteria. For example, if your only conviction is that of minor traffic or parking violation then this would not impede your ability to become a teacher. 

Furthermore, all teachers are required to have an up-to-date First Aid Certificate which proves they have the knowledge and skills necessary to provide basic first aid treatment including CPR in case of emergency. Lastly, all teachers must be registered with their State Department of Education unless they are only teaching overseas as part of an exchange program.

Personal qualities

On top of requiring teaching experience, teachers require certain qualities to be considered successful in the classroom. For example, you will need good communication skills, patience, and excellent listening skills. You must be able to interact with all kinds of students including those that are not motivated or may act out in class. Also, being a good multi-tasker is essential as teachers have to manage more than one student at a time, which requires them to be able to focus on each individual’s needs.

Other personal qualities that can help you become a teacher are being an effective problem solver, having good reasoning and organizational skills, as well as the ability to stay calm under pressure. You should also be flexible about your daily routine and working hours which might include after-school activities, weekends, or early mornings.

Teaching experience

In most cases, a degree is not enough to become a teacher in Australia. In fact, most schools require that you have some teaching experience before they allow you to practice within their classrooms. A degree will give you an insight into theories behind education but it’s only with real-life training that you will learn how to manage classroom behavior and gain practical experience in different pedagogical methods which can be applied during your lessons. By gaining a set of skills from previous jobs or volunteer work, you can give yourself an edge over other candidates.

The best opportunity for you to get experience is to complete a bridging course if you have an overseas degree or to gain volunteer work in schools as a support tutor. By doing this, you will be able to develop your skills and experience which will make the transition to a teacher position much easier.

If you are considering taking up a career as a school teacher it is recommended that you research current teaching positions available to find out what they are looking for in an ideal candidate. There are many teaching positions advertised online so you should have no issue finding the right position that fits you.

Creativeness and organization skills

In terms of creativity, teachers have to have a mind that is always thinking of new ways for students to learn and benefit from different teaching methods. They need to be able to think outside the box in order to keep their classes engaged and interested. Teachers must also plan lessons that follow a clear sequence with objectives clearly identified so all students can track their progress and spend enough time practicing new skills.

The personality, empathy, and emotional stability of a teacher also have an impact on his or her ability to guide students in the right direction! A good communicator and someone who is able to motivate others will be an invaluable asset to any school. 

Successful teachers 

Successful educators are ones that are committed to giving students a great learning experience because this will help keep students engaged and motivated! Also, teachers should:

  • Care about their community
  • Demonstrate leadership qualities such as patience and respect 
  • Accommodate to diversity and understand the needs of different cultures so students feel acceptedl
  • Persistence and dedication so that success is maintained over time


If you have great enthusiasm for working with people within an educational context, then become a teacher today! The Department of Education and Training looks for applicants that have many positive personal attributes, but having some work experience can definitely give you an edge over your competition. Good luck!