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What are the Most Sought-After Jobs in the Digital World?

The emergence of the digital economy and the rise of accessible high-speed internet connection has created countless new job opportunities, including careers that never existed before this last century.

Some industries have adapted to operating in this new space, alongside activities offline, some have transitioned into operating solely online, while others failed to make the leap in time and disappeared altogether.

Many people have made their fortune in the digital world, and others are well on their way, but which are the jobs that are the most sought-after? Whether it’s the chance to earn millions or just the opportunity to do something you love for a living, here are some of the most appealing careers in digital.

Games developer

The video game industry is one that has transitioned into becoming overwhelmingly driven by an online function, whether that’s the platform allowing players to compete against one another remotely or the way that games are distributed to players.

This move online has helped to massively stimulate the industry and transform it from being a humble hobby practised in bedrooms, to becoming a media experience that engages with people of all ages and backgrounds.

Sub-sectors of gaming, such as online gambling have also felt the benefit, with the new Casoola Casino game selection helping to demonstrate the possibilities in terms of choice and overall experience for players. With slot titles that stretch across a wide variety of graphic styles, software, and game dynamics, the opportunity for both players and prospective coders and designers is extensive.

For these reasons, game development has become an extremely sought-after career path, especially as the mobile market has made it easier than ever for small developers to gain a slice of the action.

Social media strategist

In a similar way to gaming, social media has undergone its own transformation in recent years although, unlike gaming, social media has its very roots in the world of digital.

MySpace was one of the first major social media platforms, existing to help friends to connect with one another, as well as their favourite bands and artisits. However, the arrival of Facebook changed the game forever.

Today, the world’s biggest brands are using social media, including across other platforms like Twitter and Instagram, to communicate with customers and promote their products.

As a result, senior social media strategists command large salaries and, with new platforms emerging all the time, it’s likely the industry will remain at the forefront of the digital world for years to come.


Coding is now recognized as one of the most lucrative skills to have, whatever your age, and that’s no surprise considering its fundamental role at the very foundation of digital infrastructure.

Whether it’s a video game or a social media platform, there is code behind it, and brands are increasingly scrambling to find the most talented practitioners in the field to help them realise their digital ambitions.

Digital giants like Apple are investing more in the grassroots of coding, and are one of many players in the industry aiming to lead the way forward. Furthermore, there is a growing market for kids’ toys that can help teach the fundamentals of coding from a young age.

So, whether it’s button-mashing, retweeting, or the framework underneath, the world of digital offers no shortage of lucrative career opportunities. And, as technology advances, it’s likely that those with a progressive skillset will be ever more richly rewarded in generations to come.