What Are The Immediate Steps Right After A Truck Accident?


We understand that being involved in a truck accident is really a scary one. This may leave you at a loss of thinking which you should do next.

As these accidents can be complicated and also may involve more than one party, so it will be best if you consult with a Bronx truck accident lawyer. The person will take care of your case properly. He or she will also guide you through the entire process.

But till the time you get the perfect lawyer, you can follow the following steps that I have mentioned.

Immediate Steps Right After A Truck Accident

Here are the immediate steps that you need to take after you meet a truck accident.

Stop And Report the Crash

In case you are involved in a truck accident, you have to be in the spot of the crash. If possible, remove your car from the road at the same time. You also need to make sure that you are safe. When you are turning your car, pay some attention that other drivers are able to see in order to avoid any other accident.

And for that, turn on your hazard lights, put cones around your vehicles, light road flares. In case the accident ends up with a death or serious injury, call 911. You also can call the state highway patrol or the police. The officer will fill out an accident report and tell you what to do next. Do not forget to ask for a copy of the accident report for future reference.

Opt For Medical Treatment

It is really important to go for medical treatment, whether you are obviously injured or not, after an accident. In case you do not get any treatment at the spot or are taken to the hospital, visit your doctor as soon as possible.

Maybe your adrenaline rush is preventing you from feeling the pain at that moment. Allow a medical professional to check and examine whether you need some special treatment or not. There is another reason behind it, and that is, this will help you to get compensation for injury at a later time.

Identify The Other Involved Parties

Here is another step that you need to pay attention to a bit more. Try to find any kind of signs or marks on the truck and also for any other involved parties. When the truck driver is liable for the accident or at fault, the company for which he or she is driving can also be liable for your injuries and also damages to your vehicle.

This piece of information is really important to make sure all parties that are potentially liable are being held responsible for their individual role in causing the accident.

Take Information From The Other Involved Parties

Exchanging information with other parties is also important when they are on the spot of the accident. Once they leave the place, it will be difficult for you to get in touch with them though you have their truck’s number and name.

So, you need to make sure that you have the following information.

  • Drive’s full name with address, email address, and contact number.
  • Driver’s insurance company name along with policy information.
  • For the driver of the truck, his license number.
  • Name and also contact information of the truck driver’s employer.

Document The Accident

The photos of the accident will help you in court to prove who is actually at fault for the accident, the amount of damage to your vehicle, and the severity of your injury. So, take photos of these things with your phone or camera.

Photographic evidence always works properly, and it also can be used to make sense of the accident and determine how exactly it has happened.


Apart from all the above-mentioned steps, you also need to search for witnesses who were present at the time of the accident. This will help in proving who is actually responsible. After the accident, you will be contacted several times by your insurance adjuster. Be attentive to what you are saying, as they can use those things against you.