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What Are The Facts I Should Know About Cream Whipping Agent?

A whipped cream charger is a steel cylinder or a cartridge filled with nitrous oxide, used as an agent in the whipped cream dispenser. The nitrous oxide in nitrous oxide cartridges is also known as laughing gas and is used in whipping cream to create a fluffy look due to the bubble raised. We have more on this cream whipping agent. 

What Is A Nitrous Oxide Cartridge?

The nitrous oxide cartridges are steel cylinders or cartridges filled with nitrous oxide, used as a whipping agent in the whipped cream dispenser. It has a narrow end of the charger and comes with a broken foil covering to release gas. 

This is mostly done using a sharp pin inside the dispenser of whipped cream. The nitrous oxide in chargers is mostly used as an oxidizer in most hybrid model rocket engines. 

Nitrous oxide is one popular recreational drug, and whipped cream chargers are an easier gas source. Among different users, the chargers are called whippets, whippits, nangs, or nossies. 

Where Can I Buy N2O Cartridges?

You can buy this Cream whipping agent at Amazon or Walmart. But if you wish to build a new brand and require empty cartridges of nitrous oxide in bulk, you may find them directly at the manufacturer’s stop. You can get them from Cnshining.com at great prices and also with ease of access. 

How Much Is N2O In A Cartridge?

The cylinders of the cream whipping agent are around 6.3 cm long, and 1.8 cm wide and are a rounded shape on one end with a narrow tip on another end. The chargers have walls around 2mm thick to withstand the pressure of the gas inside. 

The interior volume is around 10cm>3 and has 8 g of N2O pressure. Used chargers are not refillable, but the recyclable ones use steel recycling programs. 

How Long Do N2O Cartridges Last?

 The change in pressure causes a bit of the gas to dissolve into bubbles, making the fluffing of cream possible. Nitrous oxide inhibits the growth of bacteria; hence a charged cream dispenser may be kept in the refrigerators for over 2 weeks. 

Once you spray the pump, the experience of whipped cream ends almost as fast as it began, with its peak lasting only seconds and the user getting back to normal in around 2 minutes. Nitrous oxide also helps in pain and anxiety.

What Does Nitrous Oxide Do To Your Brain?

Nitrous oxide cartridges contain nitrous oxide that is also known as laughing gas. Because of the availability, chargers are mostly used as a method of choice for those seeking recreationally. 

Chargers are cheaply available in many stores and online, so they are being used as a drug. This drug actively helps in pain and stress, so most people are using it at an increased rate. 


These were a few things that are very popular about nitrous oxide cartridges. They are being used in the medical field, whipping creams, and for recreational purposes. 

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