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What are the different types of the water tank?

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Do you think about which type of colorbond water tanks to install at your facility? There is a wide variety of water tanks that may be initially overwhelming. You can determine the best tank for your situation by considering several factors, such as the application of a water tank: What kind of water does your tank store? And the Capacity: how much water do you need to store? Budget to consider: how much money are you willing to invest into your water storage tanks? These are the queries most of them have in their mind. Let’s have a look at it and the types of tanks available.

  • Bladder Tanks:

The bladder tank is also known as the pillow tank. It is made out of durable fabric or rubber and can quickly be deployed in the field. If you need a versatile tank, this is one of the best tanks to check. 

Bladder tanks are used for temporary storage, including drinking water, rainwater, and non-portable water. The benefits of using the pillow tanks are less expensive than other types, and they also hold potable or wastewater. And they are customizable. The Capacity of the pillow tank ranges from 25 to 25,000 gallons. It needs only one person to easily set it up.

  • Folding Tanks:

Folding tanks are another temporary and quick setup water storage solution. Folding tanks can be used for short-term water storage, including industrial wastewater storage. This tank may be easily transported to almost any area because they collapse much smaller. The available capacity range is from 500 to 5,000 gallons.

  • Polyethylene water storage tanks:

Polyethylene ‘plastic’ tanks are long term water storage tanks. Polyethylene water tanks stires small volumes of potable drinking water. The Capacity ranges from 25 to 20000 gallons. The Polyethylene water tanks are great for facilities that have limited budgets and need small to medium. Rainwater collection is also one common use for this type of tank. The color bond water tanks is not available in this type of tank, as it will come in a dark color. 

  • Above Ground fiberglass storage tanks:

Fiberglass water tanks are used for companies that need a long term storage solution. It is used for storing caustic water. The applications of this tank include greywater, rainwater, drinking water and non-potable water. The capacity range is from 4,000 to 50,000 gallons. If you require storage for liquids other than water, these tanks work for that.

  • Corrugated steel tanks:

Corrugated steel tanks are strong water storage solutions. It is a good middle-ground between fiberglass and steel-welded storage tanks. Corrugated water storage tanks are usually field-erected and are used for fire protection, irrigation water storage, wastewater treatment and potable water supply. The Capacity ranges from 500 to over1-million gallons.

  • Steel-Welded standpipes:

The standards of water storage tanks are Steel-welded standpipes, and reservoirs. These steel structures can be built to hold any water capacity, constructed to any size. Standpipes are above-ground steel tanks. This water tank creates pressure for a water supply system by using gravity. The Capacity ranges from thousands of gallons to millions of gallons. It makes it ideal for fire suppression systems and portable water storage tanks. 

The minimal maintenance requires a reliable and long-lasting storage solution, and then a steel-welded standpipe is likely the ideal water tank for your site. 

Bottom Line:

You can collect plenty of water by using water tanks. The above are some of the types of water tanks available in the market. While choosing the water tank, you must check the tank’s quality, thickness and storage.

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