What are the best pigmentation treatments on the market today

In Singapore, beauty procedures have become more common in the last 5 years. As recently as seven years back, having your features surgically improved was something that would always invite snide comments. The increasing news that plastic surgery is gaining in this tiny, nation is revealing enough that it’s fast being approved as mainstream. The reason why this is becoming so popular is because of the advancement of technology. Unbearable healing times are completely a thing of the past. Nowadays, medical aesthetic treatments performed as little as the time it takes to read a magazine. The modern day of accessibility has most certainly reached the medical aesthetic treatments scene, and the consumers are celebrating every inch of this.



Skinboosters are a type of aesthetic treatments whose primary compound is HA. Skinboosters have their greatest impact when used on a girl’s skin, often resulting in brighter skin. This is a treatment that requires no surgery that is done by only by Ministry of Health qualified medical professionals in Singapore. Skinboosters work their magic by administering high HA (hyaluronic acid) content to immensely improve skin elasticity. Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is a natural substance in human cells that has properties which allow binding to H2O molecules. Although results are not immediately detectable, they end up being clearly detectable after one month. Injectables similar to Juverderm are often classified as a simple looks-enhancing treatment resulting in often no recovery times involved. If soreness does not disappear for an abnormal period of time, consult a certified doctor right away. Expect to fork out $$500 for a single session of skinbooster treatment.



So what really is a pico laser? Well, they are a particular type of lasers capable of delivering laser energy lasting that only last for picoseconds (1 trillionth of a single second).  Picolasers possess a plethora of functions and can be used for pigmentation removal, acne, toning and so on.  In Singapore, pico lasers are most commonly requested in the removal of freckles, other pigmentations and tattoos.

Picolasers operate by smashing the pigmentation or tattoo more  within the skin into tinier bits with potent bursts of focussed laser energy. The residue is then resolved by the person’s own body as part of the body’s natural immunity process. Owing to the extremely tiny active time of the laser shots, there is a dramatically reduced chance for the surrounding cells heating up and sustaining injury as unintended collateral. Pico laser treatments do not cause any substantial downtime. Persons are able to go about their day as they would normally. You may encounter some redness right after treatment, but expect this to fade soon.  Costs for a picolaser session may cost; depending on, from $350-$1200 per treatment.


Pigmentation Treatment

With time, our layers of skin reduces in tightness, tone and begins to become more easily susceptible for these sorts of black spots to appear. In Singapore, it is usual for many to suffer conditions related to skin pigmentation occasionally in their lives. Frequent exposure to sun light can darken your skin and such unsightly things will definitely appear. Because of this reason, the common areas for pigment to happen at, tend to occur at the most exposed spots – the face, brows, cheeks. Certain pigmentation symptoms may occur or can form because of various triggers. Let us discuss melasma, that arises frequently due to exposure to rays of the sun, may get easily misconstrued as freckles, but then again, may happen as a result of instabilities in the body’s hormones. An expert at treating Melasma is Dr. David Ng CH, who has written many guides on pigmentation and how to treat them. For Singaporeans suffering from elasma, you can visit him at One Face Clinic.

Melasma is extremely difficult to treat! Many studies have been done about the proper way to treat melasma. Pigmentation might trigger post-inflammation, due to causes like insect bites, or chicken pox. Pigmentation stemming from such swellings are called post-inflammatory pigmentation (PIH).

Persons experiencing pigmentation issues often are despairing when multiple doctors, due to a poor diagnosis, fail to apply the appropriate treatments that fall short of resolving the issue. It is folly to haphazardly treat pigmentation issues. These things are extremely common, and it is very easy to make the mistake that one pigmentation might be the same as another. Records show the existence of several cases of the pigmentation condition worsening from application of the wrong remedy. Treatments for removal of pigmentation commonly come in the following types and estimated price tags are detailed following: Ultraviolet Block Cost: $40-$130, Lasers Cost: $245-$1350, Chemical Peels Cost: $300 up, Applied Creams Cost: $70-$195.


Remove Acne Scars

One patch of skin can even show a number of differing types of scarring, and each type of scarring has its own best sort of treatment protocol. Scars that occur after a bout of acne is feared by doctors, for being especially complicated to effectively treat. Additionally, there are a huge amount of variables when considered during the acne scar removal protocols is increased as a result of the fact that each individual’s skin sports unique characteristics that could possibly derail the desired effect of the course of treatment. In order to cure the patient totally, the medical professional has to initially carefully assess type of skin that you have, while paying attention to the form in which the acne appears on the skin. This has to be done since different types of acne will influence the different acne scars of differing traits may form.

In any case, it should be made known that the various types of scars are different structurally as well. As such each type of scar caused by acne will respond differently with the same treatment. For any good dermatologist looking to produce an optimal results, the first step should be to formulate a cocktail of the correct treatment to precisely treat the various forms of acne scarring the patient may suffers from. Some aesthetic physicians or clinics who prefer protracted treatment plans which involve topicalcreams and plasma, although others may like a quicker approach and head straight for deep dermal laser therapies. Pricing Mild to medium severity: $1750-$3650, Severe: $2700-$6500