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What Are The Best Commercial Umbrellas For Your Restaurant

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If you are a restaurant owner, you may be thinking of ways to increase foot-traffic. One of the sure-shot ways is to utilise sidewalks, gardens, and pool-sides to increase the seating capacity of your restaurant. But how do you do that without spending a small fortune on a permanent shade, décor and what not? The answer is by installing commercial grade market umbrellas! 

Outdoor umbrellas come in a lot of variants. The commercial outdoor umbrella or market umbrella is one of them. Available at affordable prices these unique accessories help you convert an unutilised outdoor space into a revenue-generator. You can arrange outdoor tables and chairs in their shade and create a cool outdoor lounge for your customers to hang out. More seats mean more guests and hence more business!

But what is the best commercial grade market umbrella for you? We tried a few and came up with this list. 

  1. X100 Series Square from Flare Shade

Available in two canopy sizes – 20’x20’ and 16’x16’, the Flare Shade X100 Series Square comes with chic square canopies to match your modern décor. The centre-pole employed in this series is 4 inches thick and made of marine grade aluminium. The pole along with a set of reinforced ribs gives the umbrella a robust structure that is sure to last for years on end. These umbrellas also come with hinged base plates for easy installation. 

The square canopy comes with two options for fabric – imported Recasens from Spain and Para Tempotest from Italy. Needless to say, they are extremely durable and block the harmful UV rays and occasional showers with ease. You get to choose from a wide range of colours. What else? You can have your brand logo printed on the canopy as well. Talk of an affordable brand promotion tool and here it is!   

  1. Y100 Series Octagonal from Flare Shade

If you are looking for a more traditional design approach, the Y100 Series Octagonal from Flare Shade seems to be what you need. This series comes with two canopy sizes – 16’ and 20’. Our testers loved the 4-inch thick extruded aluminium centre-pole employed along with heavy-duty aluminium ribs for the frame. They seem to be built to last. There is a user-friendly wind-up mechanism to open and close the umbrella canopy for your convenience. 

The octagonal canopy is made of imported fabric from Spain and Italy. It is UV and water resistant and will keep your guests cool and happy even in the hottest of days. Do you want to use your umbrella as a brand promotion tool? Go ahead! Ask the manufacturer to print your brand logo on the canopy. You also get the option to choose from a wide range of vibrant colours so that your umbrellas match your restaurant’s décor seamlessly. 

  1. X200 Series Square from Flare Shade

If you have a large patio and are planning to convert it into a lounge for your guests, the X200 Series Square from Flare Shade is probably the shade solution you need. This series has some of the biggest industrial outdoor umbrellas in its product line. You get to choose from three square and rectangular canopy sizes – 13’x13’, 13’x16’ and 16’x16’. 

Our testers loved the 4-inch reinforced pole and the oversized ribs made from marine grade aluminium. The canopy is made of imported Spanish and Italian fabrics that are UV and water resistant. The design and construction of this series of umbrellas is top notch. They will definitely last you a very long time. Like the previously mentioned products, this one too comes with a wide range of colour options. You can also ask the manufacturer to customise your umbrellas for your brand.

  1. Y200 Series Octagonal from Flare Shade

A variant of the X200, the Y200 Series Octagonal comes with octagonal canopies instead of square ones. This series too has the tell-tale robustness that sets it apart from competing products available in the market. Available canopy sizes are 13’, 16’ and 20’. The frame is made of heavy duty marine grade aluminium. The sturdy 4-inch centre-pole and oversized ribs give the umbrella unparalleled rigidity to withstand strong gusts with ease. 

The canopy is made from imported Spanish and Italian fabrics that can not only block the UV rays and the occasional showers, but also last really long despite being exposed to the elements continuously. The manufacturer offers you a vibrant palette to choose from when it comes to canopy colours. As with the X200 series, you can choose to have your Y200 Series Octagonal umbrellas custom printed for your brand. 

The commercial grade market umbrella is really a game changer for restaurant owners looking to expand their business without investing a fortune. These commercial outdoor umbrellas not only provide cool shades to your guests, they also ramp up the overall décor of your business place. With custom printing options provided by the manufacturers, you can customise these umbrellas with your brand logo and colours and use them as effective brand promotion tools. Your restaurant looks chic and you get to create a large customer-base. 

Pro Tip: If the centre-pole umbrella isn’t up to your taste, you can go for the side-post or cantilever umbrellas. They are a modern take on the classic umbrella design. Read our blogs on the cantilever and side-post umbrellas to know more.

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