What Are the Best Christmas Ties?

There’s nothing wrong with getting excited about the holidays as an adult, but there’s sometimes the impression that being professional means we can’t show off our holiday spirit. That’s simply not true. There’s a wide variety of different styles that fall between a button-down tux and a Santa Claus costume, and that means that you have plenty of flexibility to express your style during the holidays.


And the necktie is a personally tailored opportunity to show off your sense of personality without throwing off the rest of your ensemble. These are the ties you should look for if you’re trying to bulk up your holiday wardrobe with something seasonally appropriate.

The Vibrant Holiday Solid

If you’re wearing red or green during the month of December, you’re comfortably showing off your sense of spirit – but you can still rock it with an otherwise conservative black suit. Vibrant greens and reds are a mainstay of the holiday wardrobe because they can be as conservative as you need them to be but can really punctuate a more flamboyant outfit. 

The Candystriper

Another tie that can work double duty at a holiday party and the formal office is the candy stripe look. Stripes are a common fit around the office, so you won’t be risking any disapproving headshakes wearing a candy cane themed tie around the office. Red and white are the obvious classic, but green and red or green and white tell a pretty clear story as well. There’s a lot of variety in terms of striping thickness too, so you could reasonably fit quite a few seasonally striped ties into your wardrobe and still find use out of them for the other 11 months.


The same principle can be apple to tartan or paisley ties as well. A combination of red, green, and white is common, and there are any number of style and shade variants that you should be able to find something that matches your existing wardrobe without having to go to much effort.

Abstract Patterns

Skirting that line between professional and seasonally irreverent can be hard, but one of the best ways to make it work is to go with a pattern that’s innocuous at a glance but really shows its seasonal mirth when you look at it in more detail. Snowflakes are a common theme for these sorts of patterned ties, but you can find them in any number of different patterns and color variants. Whether it’s a variety of colored Christmas trees, elegant pear trees, or expressive and lushly colored horns, designers offer a lot of creativity for ties that look abstract at first blush but reveal something more concretely festive upon a closer look.

The Holiday Party Tie

The holiday party is the perfect way to let loose and celebrate a year’s worth of good work. And the holiday party tie is the best way to customize your look in preparation for the celebrations. Go all out with this one and don’t think too much about how it can accessorize with what you have. From dancing snowmen to drunk Santas to holiday dogs, there are a ton of different patterns available to you.

Bowties are also a good choice for the holiday party. They’re a little more unconventional in 2020, but they can also really set you apart from your colleagues in more stiff and formal dress, and they can pair especially well with louder and more vibrant suits. There’s a whole universe of options as well. From solids to stripes to patterns, all of the options you’d find in normal men’s Christmas ties are also available in bowtie form.