What are Some Good Platforms for Mobile App Development?

Good Platforms for Mobile App Development

Mobile apps have emerged as the go-to method for businesses to promote their services. As a result, many small business owners are planning to build a mobile app. However, if you are on a limited budget, a mobile application development company may not be the right choice for you. So, what do you do?

Fortunately, developing an app does not essentially require a huge investment, several work hours, or coding experience. Today, the market has many in-house development platforms that can help you reduce costs and build the best app possible. With easy-to-follow instructions and an abundance of templates to select from, these specialized mobile platforms enable you to quickly develop a good looking mobile app.

These platforms are listed under various names and categories – app creators, app building platforms, mobile development software, app builders, app makers, app builder software, etc. With the use of these app builders, anyone can assemble different features, designs, and elements into one mobile app. Most often, these online app builders allow you to create two kinds of apps:

  • mobile web apps – a mobile version of the website
  • native apps – fully functional mobile applications, native to a particular operating system, and distributed on either the App Store or Google Play Store.

Here are some of the top mobile app building platforms that you can use for iPhone or Android mobile app development:

1.  Zoho Creator

Using this platform, users can build more than 50 mobile-ready business applications. The process of development is easy with a drag and drop interface.

Zoho Creator also provides integration with the entire ecosystem of the software. Consequently, it is easier for users to manage all business tools at once. The app builder allows users to customize the UI according to the requirements of the web, mobile, or tablet.

Once you finish building an app, it is automatically made available on iOS and Android devices.

2.  BuildFire

BuildFire is suitable for both iOS and Android mobile application development. You can build custom as well as business apps, depending on your requirement.

The software does not require coding as it functions on a click-and-edit navigation feature. It is equipped with the right set of tools needed to develop a good app. One of the interesting offerings of BuildFire is professional app makers. You can hire these professionals to assist you with the development of the app. There is also a variety of templates for small businesses to use for developing apps in various sectors like retail or eCommerce.

3.  Appy Pie

Appy Pie is an Indian mobile app development software. It allows business owners to develop mobile-friendly versions of their websites. The software is free and pretty popular. If you require advanced features, you can choose the pro-plan for native apps that start at a monthly fee of only $15.

The app builder provides several industry-specific templates, such as the ones for church apps, SMB apps, restaurant apps, and dating apps. The process of developing the app is simple – pick a design, add features, and publish. The platform is very user-friendly and anyone can develop an app in just no time.

4.  Appery

Appery is your go-to software for mobile application development. It supports the building of native apps, responsive web apps, and hybrid apps. What makes the platform different from the others is the fact that you do not need to install anything. You can instantly start using the software with the help of a visual editor. There are drag-and-drop options at every step, which is a plus for non-designers and non-developers. Just assemble your user interface by selecting components or the available app templates and your app is ready-to-go.

The app builder also provides many additional functions for advanced development. These include back-end services such as push notifications, REST APIs, cloud database, etc., socials, mailing, multiple plugins for media, along with the latest iOS 11 support and technologies like Bootstrap, Angular.js, jQuery integrated.

5.  Mobile Roadie

The app creator enables users to build and manage an iOS or Android application. The development process is visual making it even simpler for the users to know what they are getting into.

Using Mobile Roadie’s back end, you can accurately preview your app to know how users would see it on their devices. The app creator also guides you through the submission process of the App Store. They evaluate the appropriateness and quality of your content beforehand.

This app builder moves a step further giving you the chance to send out push notifications. You can use the content from the platform or your website. As you start, you see different layout options to choose from, but if you don’t like any, you can also customize them to your liking.

6.  TheAppBuilder

This platform offers a suite of apps for use by clients and employees. Two different approaches make it the right app creator for those wanting to design an intranet for their company. The online toolkit takes you through the different steps to build the app. You can also use the training modules. TheAppBuilder efficiently works with you to define and develop the framework of the app and add initial content.

The platform allows future updates in the structure and content of the app, even after you go live. You can make unlimited updates and publish on various mobile platforms in just a single click. With the platform, you can build apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android. The updates go live in just 60 seconds of submission.

7.  RhoMobile

This is the right app builder for consumers and enterprise developers. Being an open-source platform, it lets you build native apps in the cloud. Moreover, the platform allows users to write cross-platform code with just some common web skills.


App builder software is a platform that simplifies the process of app development. They let anyone build a good app, even without programming skills. The process is simple and does not need designing, coding, or any specialized developing skills.

In simple words, app builders allow users to assemble the building blocks of an app. This includes the design or templates, the basic functionality, or features, and more. The most efficient use of an app creator is to create mobile-friendly versions of a website.