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Wes Anderson Directing ‘Star Wars’? A.I. Trailer Mimicking Filmmaker’s Style Divides Social Media


Poor Wes Anderson. The filmmaker must lament the day when the masses were able to use artificial intelligence to create tribute content that imitated his signature visual style.

The latest piece of Anderson-esque content to go viral is a trailer The galactic menageriea YouTube clip made by the Curious Refuge channel. The trailer wonders what a Star Wars film would look like if Anderson had directed it, and contains many purported traits the filmmaker is known for, including symmetry, pastels, sardonic narration, meticulous attention to detail, and offbeat humor. The mock cast also includes Anderson regulars Scarlett Johansson, Jeff Goldblum, Bill Murray, Adrien Brody, Willem Defoe, Ed Norton, Timothée Chalamet and Owen Wilson as Darth Vader.

The galactic menagerie was posted on April 29, but reposted on Sunday by various accounts on Twitter, where it has been seen and liked by millions and commented on by thousands. Some of the feedback has been positive, with Twitter users eager to see Anderson direct one Star Wars real movie, with some jokes suggesting it can’t be any worse than the recent movies produced by Disney/Lucasfilm.

Among the positive comments, Twitter user @JBufford3 wrote, “Full tracks and I would look into that. Awesome.” “I’d watch this. I’ve always wanted to see what Wes Anderson would add to the genre beyond his usual material. Would love to see him direct an episode of Star Wars or the new Harry Potter series,” wrote @GWinssinger.

However, much of the response has been negative, with many suggesting that the trailer misses the point of both Star Wars and the works of Anderson and others are very critical of using AI to generate this kind of content.

“You robbed both Star Wars and Wes Anderson films what makes them charming and unique with this AI nonsense. Congratulations,” tweeted @doctorbaixue. @heathdwilliams tweeted“Tell me you don’t understand either one Star Wars nor Wes Anderson without telling me.

In a passionate tweet @funEman_ wrote, “An artificial intelligence will never be able to grasp the sincerity of the emotions, expression and humanity painted on screen by Wes Anderson. All AI is capable of is mocking how an image is structured. It has no understanding of Mise-En-Scène. It doesn’t feel.”

“Videos like this are a really great showcase for why fully AI-generated movies don’t work. It manages to replicate the central framing and pastel color scheme of Anderson’s work, but it doesn’t understand why those things are used when they are used, leading to ugly, aimless images,” tweeted user @GreatCheshire.

And @firagawalkwthme tweeted“You know, AI art people don’t understand Wes Anderson because if he ever gets a Star Wars he would kill Chewbacca.

Previously, Anderson’s style was used to create AI-generated images related to Harry Potter, famous athletes And world leaders.

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