Wendy Williams, 58, takes the arm of a young male companion as she leaves her NYC apartment building

Wendy Williams, 58 years old, is accompanied by a younger man as she exits her NYC apartment building.

Wendy Williams was seen leaving her New York City apartment with an unidentified male companion on Tuesday.

As she smiled, the 58-year old media personality wrapped her arm around the younger-looking man.

The former radio host wore black leggings and her signature furry boots in white.

Stepping out. Wendy Williams was seen leaving her New York City apartment with an unknown male companion on Tuesday.

Williams wore an armour green coat with fur trimming on the hood for his TV series.

She She left her outerwear partially undrawn, exposing her chest. Her long, brown hair covered the rest. 

The loosely curled locks were styled in a middle section and stretched to her waistline.

Star of New Jersey was adorned with full-face makeup and topped it off with bright red lips.

Upbeat: The 58-Year-Old Media Personality Wrapped An Arm Around The Much Younger-Looking Man As She Flashed A Smile

Positive: The 58 year-old media personality smiled and wrapped her arm around the younger-looking man.

Williams, who is married to Kevin Hunter and has one child, traced her eyelids with darkliner.

She As she held the young man with one arm, she carried a large, green-colored leather animal print purse in the other.

His friend wore a black crewneck shirt, charcoal-colored distressed Jeans, and a navy Blue coat.

He Also, he wore a gold necklace around his neck and wore white sneakers with black shoelaces. 

Her Look: The Former Radio Host Was Dressed In Black Leggings And A White Pair Of Her Signature Furry Boots

She Left The Outerwear Partially Unzipped, Leaving It Open To Expose Her Chest, Which Was Covered By Her Long Brown Hair

Her look: The former radio host was dressed in black leggings and a white pair of her signature furry boots

A Touch Of Glamour: The New-Jersey Born Star Wore A Full Face Of Makeup, Finishing The Look With A Bright Red Lip Stain

A touch of glamour: The New-Jersey born star wore a full face of makeup, finishing the look with a bright red lip stain

This outing follows Wendy’s announcement that she’s ready to love again after her 2020 divorce with Hunter.

The admission was made in a live interview at the 107.5 Circle of Sisters New York event earlier this month.

In September, the broadcaster went to rehab for a relapse with alcohol. This has caused her serious health problems.

Williams, however, looked strong as she stood on stage at this expo that has been in existence for more than 20 years.

She Carried A Large, Green, Leather Animal Print Purse In One Hand As She Held The Young Man'S Arm With The Other

She She carried a large green leather purse with animal print in one hand and held the young man’s arm the other.

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