Weight Loss Tips

It might be that you are finding losing weight challenging or it could be that you want to speed up your weight loss.

Throughout this article, we will dive into the best tips on ways to lose weight.


As you may already be aware, exercising can really help with weight loss. A certain amount of exercise per day is required in order to lose a noticeable amount of weight. That can even be 20 minutes per day. Just going for a short walk, would not help with significant weight loss.

Weight Loss Pills

There are a variety of weight loss pills that are available and are clinically proven to be very effective.

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When focusing on popular weight loss treatments, Alli is one of the most popular available. Its mechanism is to target the fat. The active ingredient Orlistat binds to the enzyme lipase that breaks down fat after eating. This means that less fat will be digested.

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated would mean that you are drinking enough, preferably drinking water. This will result in you feeling more fuller, which in-turn leads to you eating less. Additionally, it has been proven that drinking two glasses of water before a meal, you can potentially lose more weight, in comparison to not drinking any water.

Intermittent Fasting

This is whereby you don’t eat for a certain period of time. There are a number of ways that this can be done. You could use the 16:8 method every day or you could even just fast a certain amount of hours on specific days in the week.

Steer Completely Away from Unhealthy Foods

Unhealthy foods like chips, crisps and sweets are considered quite unhealthy. If you have them in your house, you should put them in a place that is out of sight. Or even better, don’t purchase such foods.

Get Optimal Levels of Sleep

Sleeping between seven to eight hours a night is very important. There are a multitude of reasons but focusing on the effects on calories, research has shown that people who are sleep-deprived on an ongoing basis consume more calories. This is due to the hunger home increasing, leading to the feeling of more hunger.

Stay Positive

A lot of people tend to feel frustrated and demoralised, if weight loss results are not quick. It is imperative that you stay positive and work towards your weight loss goals. Remember, weight loss is a gradual process. 

Pay Attention to ‘Emotional Eating’

Sometimes when you are frustrated or feeling stressed you may be comfort eating. This is not good for helping you with losing weight. It is important that you do not do this. To resist any temptations of comfort eating, you could try a few minutes of meditation or even just speak to a friend or a family member to share your progress. They can potentially help with some advice.