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Wei Hu had history of violence before murdering wife Ying Ying Zhou in Nunawading, Melbourne

A librarian who stabbed his wife to death before committing suicide made a chilling threat to rape her for the shocking murder-suicide witnessed by their young son.

Wei Hu’s history of violence against his wife, Ying Ying Zhou, was revealed in an investigation into the tragedy that took place in the driveway of a house in Nunawading, eastern Melbourne, on September 14, 2019.

After an argument at a McDonald’s, Hu stabbed his wife in the neck with a knife while she was in their Audi SUV, before stabbing the knife in his chest.

Their terrified son, then eight, ran from the car to get help from neighbors, who returned to find the bodies of Hu, 40, and Ms. Zhou, 36.

Just a few months earlier, the couple’s marriage had come to a head, with Hu subjecting his wife to a series of troubling threats, the inquest said. Herald Sun reported.

Wei Hu, 40, threatened to rape his 36-year-old wife Ying Ying Zhou (pictured) before killing her and then himself in September 2019

Hu stabbed her to death in a car with their son in the back seat, two months after he threatened to rape her and ‘kill her’ with boiling water

After Ms. Zhou filed for divorce in June 2019, after 14 years of marriage, the couple began sleeping in separate rooms.

But Hu, 40, started crawling into her room at night and at one point lay down next to her and ask for sex.

“Maybe I’ll come back tonight to have sex with you, and then you can call the police for rape,” he told her on July 31, 2019.

Wei Hu’s history of violent control over his wife and young son was revealed in a coronal investigation into the tragedy

Investigators are seen at the site of the September 2019 tragedy

The rape threat came after Hu told her he wanted to see a sex worker.

Hu also exerted violent control over his young son, forcing him to kneel for a long time as punishment

Ms. Zhou’s parents lived in the family home and often heard Hu yelling threats at his wife.

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On another occasion he said to her, “Do you have to go to the situation where the family is broken and the people are dead?”

Startled, Ms. Zhou asked what he meant.

Hu told her that their family would “all die together.”

The couple’s marriage broke up after he pressured her to have a second child, but she was unable to due to medical issues, the inquest learned.

Hu also exerted violent control over their young son, forcing him to kneel for a long time as punishment.

He also allegedly hit the child with a slipper and a chopstick.

In the week before his horrifying rape threat, Hu bombarded Ms. Zhou with news articles and texts describing how children of divorce become criminals or attempt suicide.

Another threat from Hu involved telling his wife that he would “kill” her with a “bottle of boiling water.”

On one occasion, witnessed by Ms. Zhou’s parents, Hu faced his wife and told her that he would “fix her” and “make it harder for you to live than to die.”

Hu had worked as a library technician at Scotch College, an elite private school in Melbourne where students described him as “kind-hearted.”

The incident sent shockwaves through the small community after neighbors saw a series of police and ambulance vehicles appear near the property

Ms. Zhou reported the abuse to police on Aug. 1, but an investigation found aspects of the handling of pre-murder-suicide complaints to be “flawed.”

Hu was ordered to stay away from the family home and not to commit family violence.

He then moved to Nunawading’s house where he would carry out the murder.

Coroner John Cain said key witnesses to the abuse were not interviewed.

Two days after the July 31 attack, police officers questioned Hu, but their investigation lasted only two minutes and 24 seconds.

The couple’s son is now cared for by his grandparents.

Victoria Police Department underwent an internal review after the couple’s deaths and made four key recommendations to improve police practices, the investigation learned.

For confidential support, call Lifeline: 13 11 14


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