Weekly Horoscope: November 27, 2022 to December 3, 2022

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Your weekly horoscope is here. Wherever you go there, you are, and from this point, get creative and adapt to keep things moving. If you’re in a tight spot, how could you apply the jaws of life to create extra legroom or a complete scene change? You won’t know if a door is locked until you try opening it, so knock or turn the handle, have faith, and take the next step. Why not make it a leap toward your most precious goal? Straight to the top and make a grand entrance! At least get some groundwork done and measure the gap to get a good run-up.

Read on to discover what’s in store for your sign during the week of Nov 27 through Dec 3, 2022.

Aries What’s your most appealing big idea? It’s been a long time coming, and really it’s a good idea to update the vision. If you’re torn in a couple of different directions because you’ve ended up with too many pots on the stove, choose your fav and go with it. Circumstances change; let’s face it, you were born to make decisive moves, not wait around or work off an old plan. Get on with your dreams and make decisions that support the best this life has to offer. Everyone else will fit in and follow your lead as usual. Someone’s got to blaze the trail and go where others fear to tread and that someone is you. 

TaurusAs Venus and Mercury move hand in hand through your zone of mutual assets, you’re well-positioned to profit by working with others. Brainstorm ideas or note a too-good-to-refuse offer that has come your way. Keep that door open and see what else is on the menu. It could be more personal, so again, invite negotiation. You may feel you have to lock down a deal but hold off. Things work out better by playing your cards right, maintaining interest, and a poker face! It’s easier to say yes because an upfront ‘no deal’ is the story’s end, and it’s hard to prise that door back open once closed, or another contender accepts. You’ll have more clarity later down the line. Life is full of fascinating twists and turns; stay curious. 

GeminiSince one area of your life just won’t comply, note what circumstance insists you do instead. Want to work but forced to rest? Then embrace leisure, and throw in more dates with yourself, friends, or a special person doing what you truly love. The way forward will be easier to identify if you create some space and lighten up. Shift gears on your cognition and have stimulating two-way conversations. Keep them open and wide-ranging for the best effect. If someone can’t parlay, that’s a no-deal. Gemini needs intellectual stimulation to get that spark going. Get your holiday gifting, posting, and planning sorted early because delays or changes of plan are almost guaranteed. Be ready to shift to plan a, b or c at a moment’s notice and clarify details rather than assume. 

Cancer This season your sweet tooth has so many temptations to resist, so create a plan around whole-food snacking vs. treats and comfort food. It’s too easy to peak early, so stock up on healthy alternatives and perhaps try a natural sugar replacement if you’re baking. Put an emphasis on routines and habits that support an all-round healthy lifestyle. What simple changes can you make or adapt both at home and work? Balance output with enough rest rather than reaching for a quick sugary or caffeinated re-charge. Set yourself up for the day to get through that afternoon slump if you’ve smashed your adrenals. Trail mix with a pop of dried cranberries, anyone? 

Leo Merge forces with your heartthrob for a creative dynamic duo. If you’re musical, theatrical, or ready to try your hand at a round of pickleball, more is more right now. Rope in friends or bring your enterprise to them. Remember, those who play together stay together, after all. Novel experiences are bonding and keep the spark alive, so remember, joy is in adventure and expansive activities. Try a day trip somewhere new, or plan a cross-country jaunt to spice things up with unknown terrain. Neuroscientists suggest the joy in planning, and anticipation is half the fun, so think big, bold, and colorful. 

Virgo Get your home ready for the holidays, Virgo, and plan your health ahead too. We all know you’d win gold if organizing were an Olympic sport, and that goes for your interest in nutrition too. This is an excellent period to host, so why not get off to a good start with fun yet healthy offerings for guests? Bringing home less naughty food is easier than ignoring all the goodies you know you’ve stashed. Why not go old school with dried fruits and traditional treats? Hark back to ye-olde homesteading recipes or spice up your Cottagecore with some hearty European goodness; borscht, brioche, or French onion soup. 

Libra Your zone of learning and local relationships is hosting the sun, Venus, and inquisitive Mercury, so communication really is key right now. Learning something new and creative isn’t only stimulating; it may serve you well later down the line, so take it seriously. If you’re ready to commit, consider if it’s sustainable and will keep your interest. Is it time for you to formalize a hobby? Those extra holiday breakup parties might be eating into your early starts, so maintain a balance and get plenty of rest. Have your cake and eat it too by setting yourself a curfew. It’s so easy to get carried away when everyone’s having a good time! 

Scorpio You could have a blowout on gifting or pre-holiday fun if you don’t make a clear budget because you’ll be tempted! This season is truly off the hook, and advertisers have so much access to your information they could play you like an old piano if you don’t get your battle plan set up. Check that there are no hidden costs if you sign up or commit. And why not check on money-back guarantees just to shore you up. You’re not short on big ideas for calling in more cash, so continue to work through the best and forget the rest. What are you passionate about doing as well as bringing into the world? How can you make that lifestyle financially sustainable so you’re doing what you love, at least part of the time, if not all? 

SagittariusYou’ll have more clarity around a project or relationship after mid-January so hold off on any significant commitments. Whether for business or pleasure, utilize the time between now and then to get to know who you may be getting into bed with, so to speak. More information is guaranteed to come to light, and let’s face it, it’s time to give yourself a break rather than rocket ahead. Check your options, get expert advice, and represent yourself assertively. This is your season, so why not position yourself for maximum benefit. It’s easy to miss a vital piece of detail, ignore your intuition, or overdo your natural trust and idealism; double-check and don’t make assumptions. 

CapricornThe moon in your sign over the weekend suggests your mind may be focused on responsibilities or work, so go with it and get your jobs done. Sunday, things could get intense so use that energy to power you. Avoidable confrontations are best rescheduled, and whatever you do, don’t give away your power or let someone intimidate you. Over this week, you could be called or tempted to put more energy into work than you should and perhaps feel a little scattered so take regular time-outs. Down time is essential this month, this week specifically. Keep up those early nights, meditation, or healthy escape routes from the everyday. Catch a series that takes you to another world or back to ancient history.

AquariusMonday to Tuesday, the moon rockets through your sign, softening your emotional defenses and leaving you open to how you really feel. It could be a little lonely out in space. It will pass; however, the planet of limitation is in your sign, lending a serious aspect to your outlook. It may feel more challenging to connect yet the secret is to develop your expertise and authority. Wisdom and maturity will get you everywhere, especially socially. You have good fortune in love, leisure, and out with friends, so don’t hole up on the couch, work, or lab if you’re the science type. Push through doubt, get out and mingle. 

PiscesWith the moon swanning through your sign Wednesday and Thursday, be ready to find the escape hatch on tedious tasks. Bring a little magic into your life by enjoying the finer things. Play inspiring music and get creative. Thursday is peak imagination and empathy, so a private love bubble with someone special is ideal. Your sensitivity is heightened, so note what you pick up from people around you or even your dreams. Find a balance between errands or tasks at home and with family. Keep screen time and career from taking up more of its fair share of your day or thoughts. You’ll need to look for the silver lining and bigger picture to get the most out of this week so keep a positive, can-do mindset. 

Vanessa Montgomery—a.k.a. Astro All-Starz—is a professional counseling astrologer and the upcoming author of Astro Power: A Simple Guide to Prediction and Destiny for the Modern Mystic Aimed at enlightenment and seeing past labels to the oneness that unites us all, Montgomery’s work also helps navigate the practical essentials with grounded cosmic intel. Her motto: Free your mind, own your power, create your world. You can learn more at or follow Montgomery on Instagram @astro_allstarz.

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