Wednesday clinches the record for most hours viewed in a week for English language series

Wednesday holds the record for viewing English language series for the most hours in a single week with 341.2 MILLION… beating Stranger Things 4.

Netflix’s Wednesday series is taking Jenna Ortega by storm  

The streamer announced Tuesday that the show holds the record of the longest viewing time in English language series for a single week.

After viewing 341.2 million hours of content, the series was awarded the title. It premiered on November 23rd.

You can spell it! Wednesday holds the record for viewing English language series on Netflix for the most hours in a single week. 

Stranger Things 4 held the record for most hours viewed on Netflix in its first week. According to Netflix, that was 335 million hours. Deadline. Millie Bobby Brown’s series was in the Top 10 on the platform for the second week.

However, they are tied at #1 in 83 countries.

Squid Game, the South Korean drama series, holds the record for viewing hours in a single week. There have been 571.8 millions hours.

Jenna is the Addams Family’s iconic character in the new Netflix series, which premieres Wednesday. Christina Ricci had previously played this role.

Magical: Jenna Ortega Stars As Addams Family Character Wednesday In The New Series

Magical: Jenna Ortega stars Wednesday as Addams Family’s character in the new series 

Unseated! Stranger Things 4 Previously Held The Recorded Now Inhabited By Wednesday

Unseated! Stranger Things 4 had previously held the now recorded Wednesday occupied by Wednesday 

Jenna said in a new interview that she didn’t seek Christina’s advice on how to portray the character. 

Jenna stated in an interview that “Our show has superpowers and outcasts as well as evil ghost pilgrims.” MTV News Interview with Emma Myers, her co-star and Enid’s roommate.

‘I think when [Christina] Jenna said that neither Jenna nor I ever used the word “Wednesday” on-set.

“I don’t think she wanted me to get in the path of my performance and feel as if she was overbearing,” she added. “They’re two very different persons, our Wednesdays.”

Unstoppable! The South Korean Drama Series Squid Game Still Holds The All-Time Record For Hours Viewed In A Single Week With 571.8 Million Hours Logged

Unstoppable! With 571.8 million hours of viewing, the South Korean drama Squid Game holds the record for most hours viewed in one week.

Christina has done a number of different projects over the 30 years since Wednesday’s game. Jenna stated that she did not think it was polite to bring up this topic.

“I felt like a failure to pick up the same thing she did 30 years before.”

“For my own personal benefit. I didn’t wish to rip off her and I didn’t desire to be too like her.

Star-Studded: Catherine Zeta-Jones And Luis Guzman Have Lent Their Talent To Wednesday As Her Parents, Morticia Addams And Gomez Addams

Star-studded: Catherine Zeta-Jones and Luis Guzman have lent their talent to Wednesday as her parents, Morticia Addams and Gomez Addams

The crime thriller is streaming at Nevermore Academy, a school for outcasts like sirens, werewolves, and gorgons.

Wednesday is sent to the school against her will and ends up solving a series of murders near the school.

Christina is a star as a ‘normie’ member of the faculty, and a house mom for Wednesday’s Dorm.

Catherine Zeta Jones and Luis Guzman, as Morticia or Gomez Addams, share the small screen. Gwendoline Christine stars as Nevemore’s head mistress.

Icon! The Titular Role Was Previously Inhabited By Christina Ricci, Who Now Appears In The Show As A 'Normie' Member Of The Faculty And House Mom For Wednesday'S Dorm

Icon! Christina Ricci was the original titular character. She now plays the role of a ‘normie member’ of the faculty and a house mom for Wednesday’s dorm. 

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