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Wedding Photographers Reveal The Moment They Learned The Happy Couple’s Marriage Was DOOMED


Wedding Photographers Reveal The Moment They Learned The Happy Couple’s Marriage Was DOOMED

People who work in weddings have revealed the shocking moments when they realized a newlywed couple would inevitably get divorced.

Photographers, wedding planners and hotel staff chimed in with horror stories assuring them that a couple’s marriage would be short-lived.

The wedding workers contributed a torrent of anecdotes in response to a question posted on Reddit.

Reddit user Arknight40 asked, “Reddit wedding photographers, what was your ‘they won’t last long’ moment?”

The shocking story that followed includes tales of drunken outbursts, reluctant newlyweds, and even instances of infidelity at wedding parties.

“When the best man gave his speech, he was really drunk at this point, he just yelled, ‘You don’t deserve it, you literally got blown by a stripper, don’t have two strippers at your bachelor party’ – u /breakitupkid

“I attended a wedding where the best man (the groom’s father) gave a speech about how ‘we don’t agree but (insert groom’s name here) will make his own decisions.’ Turns out the bride had cheated just days before. (father knew) – u/Turdsley

‘At the rehearsal dinner, every toast to the bride was a euphemistic variation on ‘I’m so glad you finally found someone to put up with your bullshit” – Anonymous_Goat

“When the ‘jokes’ about pushing each other off the cliff we were photographing ourselves on started to sound a little less funny…” – EccentricOtter307

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“I asked the boyfriend in a recorded interview why he asked her to marry him and he said, ‘The pressure to get married.’ They lasted less than 2 months. I hadn’t even finished the video and they were already done’ – u/davehorse

I’m a cameraman and the groom called me a couple of days after the wedding. He wanted me to make sure I didn’t include any footage of him looking at the women at the wedding – u/Tim0281

‘It is not a joke. I recognized a Grindr’s boyfriend – u/ElricBrosPlumbing

‘Wedding ring, no photographer, but I’d say the groom was caught fucking a bridesmaid during the reception’ – Pulsecode9

‘When the groom told the bride she couldn’t eat cake because she was overweight. It lasted a year. He gained weight’ -MysticalPhotographer

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