Web Design Trends You Should Actually Care About

People spend less than 10 seconds on a website on an average, and that’s really a short span. If you want visitors to stay back and browse through your web portal, you have to ensure that the website is as impressive as possible. Creating a groundbreaking website is not about selecting a random theme and customizing it for your brand. It has to be more about designing an experience that users will love, and this often involves hiring the best web design firms and tailoring everything from scratch.

In this post, we are discussing more on the web design trends that you should actually care about. 

  • Parallax scrolling. A lot of web designers thought that parallax or endless scrolling is dead, but that’s untrue. In fact, it could be the simplest way of making people visit your website in the most effective manner. Users and visitors do not like to click many buttons, and people are often lazy when it comes to shifting from one page to another. Instead of having a website with too many pages, endless scrolling could be an easy way to motivate users to browse more. 
  • Videos, and more videos. Interactive user experience is extremely important for engrossing people to your website, and more designers are now relying on video contents to make the most of backgrounds and landing pages. When you use videos for enhancing user experience, you are actually allowing more scope to focus on the content, and while this does add to the expenses (considering video production can cost a lot more), the idea is worth playing with. 
  • More of minimal themes. Instead of relying on too many elements at the same time, more web developers are trying to develop minimal themes, which have maximum style but minimal components. These are designs that often use a lot of white space, mix of no more than two or three shades, and sharp images that are a clear representation of the concerned brand. 
  • Font in focus. Fonts, with focus on vintage ones and outlined designs, will matter for creating impressive designs. Inclusive designs are a thing at the moment, and fonts that work well with the theme and resonate with the brand must be selected over regular ones. Sometimes, it may mean using more of Serifs or paying for an expensive font, but trust the experts when they stress on it. This is the time to try new web fonts. 
  • Black and white themes. Another new trend on the block is the use of black & white. The call-to-action buttons shouldn’t always stand out but become a part of the theme, so that users don’t feel compelled to take an action. Also, the color scheme often relies on images that have been created for the website in particular, and instead of the design, the colors for a portal comes from these images. Such themes are way more effective, readable, and even with limited elements, the design doesn’t feel flat at all. 

Seeking help for website design

Knowing the trends is just not enough. You have to consider the various aspects that matter in designing a custom website, and it could mean different things for different brands. We strongly recommend that you select a website design company that you can rely on, and make sure that they are well-versed with your goals. Always remember that all trends cannot be used, and eventually, all the elements and ideas should come together to create an impressive immediate impression. Your website is the ultimate face of your brand, so don’t shy away from spending on the right website design service.