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We tested the most expensive racing simulator in the world

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But to convince F1 teams to abandon their very expensive in-house simulators, and also to persuade automakers to use Dynisma’s technology to perfect potential road cars, Warne and his team had to develop a sophisticated driving simulator. which could dramatically reduce latency to a point where the brain cannot distinguish and lag at all.

The secret of the Dynisma simulator is a super low latency of 3 milliseconds, so it feels like you’re really running.

Photography: DINISMA

Using, among other developments, super-low friction struts and motors, Dynisma has reduced the latency of its simulator from the usual 50 milliseconds to just 3 milliseconds. The effect is that your brain senses things. how they really happen. This speed also means that the sensation of a bump in the road, like a curb, is provided. faster that even 240Hz projectors are able to keep up.

Bandwidth is Dynisma’s other major improvement. Airplane simulators don’t require very high frequency inputs (unless the flight is going very badly), but cars encounter speed bumps, rumble strips, sawtooth curbs, cat eyes, etc. This means that the simulator needs to vibrate at very high frequencies with that ultra-low friction and no kickback to be as realistic as possible.

Thanks to the rigidity of Dynisma’s drive mechanism, the lack of friction, and even the weight of the simulator’s base, its system’s bandwidth reaches up to 100 Hz, reportedly 50 percent better than the competition. This can even convey oversteer realistically, in real time, allowing drivers to sense when the rear of the car is about to exit, and not fair after Happens.

The result is the definition of avant-garde. A new type of driving simulator so good and so realistic that it is now used by the Ferrari F1 team. But that innovation is not cheap. Costs for a Dynisma rig start to climb to over $12 million if you check everything on the spec list, including a 360-degree, 240fps immersive 4K LED display with a matching audio package . We tried the almost basic $2 million package.

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