‘We have failed this season’: Aleksandar Mitrovic admits Fulham ‘didn’t deserve to stay up’


‘We have failed this season’: Fulham forward Aleksandar Mitrovic admits they ‘didn’t deserve to stay up’ after Burnley confirmed their relegation

  • Fulham was relegated from the Eredivisie after a defeat to Burnley
  • The Cottagers entered Monday’s game knowing a loss would seal their fate
  • Goals from Ashley Westwood and Chris Wood secured the Clarets victory

Fulham forward Aleksandar Mitrovic believes his side got what they deserved after being relegated to the championship against Burnley on Monday.

The West London club clashed with the Clarets who needed a win to keep their feeble hopes of survival alive.

However, Ashley strikes and Westwood sent the newcomers to immediate relegation to the championship.

Fulham forward Aleksandar Mitrovic believes his side deserved to be relegated

After the game, Mitrovic told Sky Sports: ‘It’s a tough time but we failed today, we failed this season and it’s hard to find the words after the performance this season, it wasn’t good enough.

‘We haven’t earned it. I’ve played soccer long enough and it’s a fair game, you end up where you deserve to be. We didn’t deserve to stay up. In general we end where we deserve, we are very sad for the fans and for the people in the club.

‘It’s hard to find the words. I think we failed tonight, we didn’t show the great character, the great mentality, I think we cracked a little under the pressure. We weren’t good enough. We work hard, but we lack quality on both sides, so in a league like this you get punished and we got punished today and this season.

‘Not just for me, but for everyone. Personally it has been a tough season and I want to leave it here, that’s football, that’s life. We keep pushing, we keep pushing. We have to finish these three games and see what happens next.

Mitrovic looks downcast after Monday's defeat to Burnley confirmed Fulham's relegation

Mitrovic looks downcast after Monday’s defeat to Burnley confirmed Fulham’s relegation