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We have a responsibility to our fellow citizens


By Natasha Ryseff

BREATHE EASY FAYETTE LOGOIt is very important to keep in mind that health and the defense of our health requirement to stay in focus. Breathe Freely Fayette is battling to safeguard all of Fayette County’s locals from the damaging impacts of previously owned smoke direct exposure every day of each month of every year! As we work throughout the county, it is really unexpected to hear that even after Georgia passed its Smokefree Air Act in 2005, 67% of Fayette County participants report still experiencing pre-owned smoke direct exposure*

Why should those that select much better on their own succumb to pre-owned smoke? Why should any person that has made an effort to remain safe from tobacco need to alter their regimens and activities to prevent pre-owned smoke? It has actually been 18 years because Georgia leaders made an effort to lower direct exposure to pre-owned smoke in public locations. That law is now dated and stops working to make sure defense from brand-new and emerging items and in the locations that posture the best threats. We can’t pay for to wait another year.

Based upon a current study of Fayette County citizens, 81% of surveyed participants believe that pre-owned smoke is “VERY HARMFUL.”* They’re not incorrect. Previously owned smoke includes over 70 cancer-causing chemicals. Previously owned smoke is likewise a danger aspect for other major illness. Even quick direct exposure to previously owned smoke can increase the danger of a cardiovascular disease. Previously owned smoke is a factor to numerous long-lasting disorders that restrict our capability to live life completely.

The concern to prevent somebody else’s smoke is put on people, rather than the person who wants to smoke. Fayette County residents desire and should have much better. We understand since they’ve informed us so:

At a Breathe Easy Fayette occasion at La Hacienda dining establishment in Fayetteville on February 18, numerous guests shared why a smoke-free environment is very important to them. The vocalist for the band that night, called Baby Doll, stated that “A smoke-free environment … is extremely crucial for us (performers). I lost a dear good friend of 14 years from previously owned smoke; she never ever smoked in her life, however she remained in an environment where individuals did smoke.”

Another individual, Vanessa Johnson, urged “Make sure that you’re not cigarette smoking in a location where other individuals are due to the fact that the smoke gets in our clothing, it gets in our hair, and it triggers all kinds of health issue”. Vanessa elaborated, “It was not up until I signed up with the military and dealt with colleagues who smoked that I understood that the smoke was damaging to my health. One colleague smoked a pipeline and the other smoked a stogie. I was continuously going to the physician for sinus infections and allergic reactions.”

The bottom line is that we have a duty to our pals, next-door neighbors, and fellow people to remove this unneeded danger to their health. Unlike other self-harming habits, previously owned smoke does not have an abrupt or awful result that takes place in an immediate. It does not get the attention that a driving while intoxicated mishap or a drug overdose has. It’s time to response to the damage that we understand is taking place even if it does not draw excitement. If we do not act, we are all accountable. Please consider this major effort and assistance Breathe Easy Fayette with your signature.

* Based on 4,271 reactions to Drug Free Fayette’s 2022 Secondhand Smoke Survey sent out to 6th-12th grade trainees and their moms and dads.

natasha ryseff
Natasha Ryseff

Natasha Ryseff resides in Peachtree City. She is a Registered Nurse and Tobacco Treatment Specialist who operates in a cardio/pulmonary rehab program in Fayette County.

About Breath Easy Fayette

Breathe Freely Fayette is an alliance that consists of Drug Free Fayette, Fayette FACTOR, Piedmont Fayette Hospital, Georgia Department of Public Health, American Lung Association, American Heart Association, American Cancer Society’s Cancer Action Network, Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids, the Center for Black Health and Equity, and a number of other companies that are based in Fayette County. For additional information, and to support a smoke-free environment, go to www.DrugFreeFayette.org/breathe-easy-fayette. You can likewise send out an e-mail to DrugFreeFayette@FayetteFACTOR.org or call 678-489-3279.

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