Ways to use QR codes in different industries 

Ways to use QR codes in different industries 

During the pandemic, where nobody wants to touch anything, small and big businesses are looking for ways to offer a touch free experience. One of the new guidelines for every business is a contactless option whenever possible.

What is QR code?

QR (short for “Quick Response”) codes started in 1994 in the Japanese labs of a Toyota subsidiary named Denso Wave. These codes are capable of storing lots of data and allow the user to access information instantly by scanning them. 

Why do people use QR codes?

As lockdowns around the world started to begin, the QR code found itself in its element. QR code was the perfect touch-free medium, in a touch-free world, QR codes are having its moment to expand its user globally, it allows people to interact with around them while touching only their smart phones. There are a lot of ways to use QR codes in every activity engaged in especially as means of livelihood.

Ways to use QR codes in different industries 

  1. QR codes in marketing

There are a lot of strategies to use QR codes in marketing. One is by using a video landing page, you can make a video to explain your product for a client to watch it instead of reading.  Another strategy is by placing QR code on your product, QR codes should be placed on a product that can be easily seen and scan by a customer such as bottle neck or top product packaging with a call to action to cause a customer to scan immediately to increase brand awareness and engagement. 

Whether it you are up-selling or cross-selling, having QR code on your product enables you to educate your customer about your product and allows your customer to buy related product or complementary items. These are few strategies to market using QR codes.

  1. QR codes in online education

Direct students to a school page using QR codes for enrolment or even direct them to the steps for enrolment. Face-to-face class shifts to online classes is not so new to every student around the world. 

Make it easy to teach by using QR codes not only for you but also for your students, use QR codes to give digital dimension to your student’s study material. When teaching, you can add a QR code on your presentation to provide more information to your students. You can use a PDF QR code that they can download to their phone. 

They use QR codes to embed an interactive and engaging content, share resources, help with homework, use in educational activity, provide easy access to online content, gather students feedback, direct students to daily activities or exams and checks attendance.

  1. QR code in events

No more hassle in visiting a website, typing on Google just to search about a concert or an event. As QR codes can support location-focused data; target customers from another country can even scan QR codes and attend such memorable concerts. QR codes support your events all the way from planning to marketing through the event itself. You can even direct customer to an online event. Regardless of how you create QR codes for events, keep in mind the few best practices for best results. 

  1. QR in healthcare facilities

COVID-19 increases hospital patients around the world, use QR codes to help identify patients and keep updated records of delivered medicines, current vital signs and doctor’s orders. From triage to discharge, a quick scan can access and edit a patient’s file with an instant without the potential hazard of touching and writing on patient’s chart.


As QR codes are reshaping the people’s means to gather information from different establishments due to a global health threat that is currently happening today, its usage rate increases. 

Because of that, the era towards contactless interaction begins. And through that era, people can depend on the use of a reliable QR code generator with logo to make and implement their own QR code powered operations.