Ways to Get Better Cleaner Energy

Don’t we all wish to feel vibrant and energized all day long? Unfortunately, on those exhausting days, most of us resort to coffee as a way to get back on track. Even though it is an incredibly popular drink that’s heavily ingrained in our culture and everyday life, coffee can have quite a few negative effects on your health: from increased anxiety, to sleep problems and higher blood pressure. If you’d like to eliminate or reduce your coffee consumption, here’s the good news! There are many ways to get better, cleaner energy!

Try a different ‘morning ritual’ drink

Can we even start our day without a cup of coffee? Some can’t even imagine this reality! Apart from being a physical addiction with significant withdrawal symptoms, coffee also creates a psychological dependency. Having that cup with our favorite energizing, black, bitter-tasting drink became a ritual, a habit that brings us peace of mind. Luckily for us, we can keep enjoying this ritual, but with a healthier drink. There are many coffee alternatives on the market that you could try, such as green tea, black tea, matcha tea, chai tea, Yerba mate, or simply a glass of lemon water or warm apple cider. The list doesn’t stop here! You can do thorough research and find the ‘no coffee’ drink that works for you. Don’t forget to make sure it’s as chemicals free as possible and has no added sugars. 

The not-so-secret formula: water, food ; sleep

In our fast-paced, consumerist society, it’s easy to fall prey to empty promises of instant results and ‘magic’ products that will solve all your problems. Unfortunately, life is more complex than that, and the basics of health have already been figured out by experts. The best, clean energy you can get is from proper nutrition, enough sleep, and sufficient water. If you drink 2 to 3 liters of water a day, sleep between 7 and 9 hours every night, while sticking to a sleeping schedule, and consume healthy foods (rich in magnesium, fiber, vegetables, greens) all while maintaining a balanced lifestyle, you will enjoy long-lasting, natural energy and avoid burn-out.

There is however a little tip for starting your day strong: a protein-rich breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal as it sets your energy level for the rest of the day. If you eat aliments filled with protein and healthy fats for your first meal, there are more chances for you to feel powered-up from sunrise to sunset! 

Take an energizing break this way…

If you are lagging in the afternoon, try one of these invigorating activities:

  • Take a power nap for 15 to 25 minutes;
  • Meditate, practice mindfulness, or do some breathing exercises;
  • Move your body by taking a walk or working out;
  • Go outdoors: the sun and the fresh air will help you recharge;
  • Write in a journal and say positive affirmations;
  • Take a cold shower (if you are strong enough!)

Another great idea is to get lost in the moment while enjoying your favorite hobby. And it’s even better if the activity doesn’t involve any screens!

Wrapping up

Coffee is great, but dependency isn’t! By getting better, cleaner energy you have the possibility to enjoy coffee if you want to and when you want to while being healthier! A balanced lifestyle will give you the gift of strength and vitality that will last a lifetime. By implementing these pieces of advice, you will significantly increase your energy, quality of life, and daily happiness. Friendly reminder: don’t forget to make sure these tips apply to your health condition and stick to the indications given by your physician!