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Watzke: “Who is calling for the purchase of stars like Haaland …”


From the point of view of BVB Managing Director Hans-Joachim Watzke and Union Berlin President Dirk Zingler, the plans for an investor to join the German Football League have not yet been optimally communicated.

Watzke, who is also the head of the DFL supervisory board, and Zingler admitted this in a joint interview with “Welt am Sonntag”.

In it, Zingler also massively criticized the local Bundesliga rivals Hertha BSC, in which the company 777 Partners joined as a new investor after Lars Windhorst left.

“Unfortunately, we have the worst example on our doorstep in Berlin as far as investors in German football are concerned,” said Zingler. “It destroys the whole issue because it shows how it shouldn’t work. Football is becoming a commodity there.”

The American company wants to invest 100 million euros in Hertha BSC.

Investor at Hertha BSC a “warning example”

After the 2: 5 at FC Schalke 04 as the bottom of the table, the Berliners are acutely threatened with relegation and want to use the fresh money to reduce liabilities. The partnership with Windhorst ended after a good three years of misunderstandings. 375 million euros was spent without any sporting progress.

In the conversation, Watzke and Zingler defended the planned minority stake by an investor in the DFL and the hoped-for billions in revenue from the sale of part of the media rights. An investor would acquire a right that would expire after 20 years, Watzke explained. “He wouldn’t even get a permanent consideration,” said the BVB managing director.

Both officials emphasized that one cannot complain about the departure of stars from the league and at the same time criticize the entry of an investor. “Anyone who calls for stars like Haaland to be bought and kept must also know that revenue would then inevitably have to be increased and that this would probably also result in a significant increase – among other things – in ticket prices,” said Watzke. “Everything would be much, much more expensive for the fans. Of course it’s not possible to keep or buy international top stars and at the same time let the standing room ticket only cost eight euros.”

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