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WATCH: We the People Speak out Against San Antonio’s Threat to Use Eminent Domain to Steal a Texan’s Business


Noteworthy domain is among numerous techniques the federal government has actually utilized to accomplish despotic ends. Initially meant to give way for facilities tasks and others that are seemingly “for the public excellent,” it has actually been broadened throughout the years to enable the state to take residential or commercial property and land from American residents.

This is what the state of Texas, in combination with the city of San Antonio, is doing to Vince Cantu, owner of Moses Rose’s bar and grill, which lies beside the Alamo. The city has actually started noteworthy domain procedures versus him to take his residential or commercial property so that they can do some remodellings to the Alamo and construct a museum and present store on the land where his home lies. Have a look at my post and discussion with Cantu here.

image 9
More indications at the San Antonio demonstration. Credit: Jeff Charles.

I had the satisfaction of speaking at a demonstration on March 11 at Travis Park, San Antonio, just obstructs far from Cantu’s bar. Along with other speakers, I spoke up versus the unjust treatment being provided by the city and state federal government just due to the fact that they do not wish to pay Cantu a reasonable cost for the bar he invested over a years structure. Here is my speech together with some others:

My complete speech at the distinguished domain demonstration in San Antonio.

I was a little pissed.

Alright really pissed.

Let me understand what you believe! pic.twitter.com/LUFuEztDSg

— Jeff Charles, Agent of Chaos (@jeffcharlesjr) March 17, 2023

@DoniTheDon_ setting some TRUTH at the noteworthy domain demonstration in San Antonio! pic.twitter.com/3uyCJi3FfV

— Jeff Charles, Agent of Chaos (@jeffcharlesjr) March 18, 2023

Noteworthy domain, like civil possession forfeit, is among the most outright types of tyranny in America that no one appears to learn about. When the state can summarily take your house, land, and residential or commercial property without needing to offer you reasonable payment, it is hard to argue that we reside in a complimentary society.

This practice is among the most pernicious hazards to liberty that we see today. Sadly, there isn’t much of a reaction to it due to the fact that many individuals do not understand how typically, or how unjustly, it is being utilized. Unless you or a liked one has actually been on the incorrect end of distinguished domain, you may not understand how questionable the procedure is. If more individuals are made mindful, maybe we can bring about the reform, or abolition of, distinguished domain. Basically, the federal government must not have carte blanche to take individuals’s home.

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