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Watch the police drag Just Stop Oil activists down the road as officers finally crack down


It follows months of criticism that the Met has berated members of the public for manipulating protesters. In April, police ordered an irate driver not to “assault” Just Stop Oil protesters as he dragged them off the road. Earlier this month, a worker was arrested on Blackfriars Bridge after a Just Stop Oil protester was pushed to the ground in front of police officers.

The Met dragged Just Stop Oil off the road when they used their “glue” and lock-on tactics last fall, but they haven’t since the group began marching slowly in an attempt to close a legal loophole. abuse it to cause traffic jams while avoiding arrest.

Motorists storm past eco-activists

During the protest on Wednesday morning, some motorists climbed the sidewalk because they refused to let Just Stop Oil block the road.

Drivers on the A3220 Warwick Road, in Earl’s Court, honked their horns and three cars pulled onto the curb to sweep past the protesters in the space of 30 seconds – including a Ukrainian-registered Audi and a French-registered Volkswagen.

Another driver, in a BMW, ripped a banner from the group and yelled at them to “get out of the way”.

In Westminster, a disabled Just Stop Oil activist was even escorted by officers in a taxi to a police station.

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