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Watch Metal Gear Solid 3 compare PS2 vs Remake on PS5 | -WhatsNew2Day


We finally got the announcement we’ve been waiting for for several years, Metal Gear Solid 3 Remake is finally coming to new generation platforms and PC. Although the announcement did not come with many details, it carries many secrets that we revealed in a separate report here. But today we have for you a video comparing the new game with the original version that was released on PS2 more than 20 years ago.

Thanks to IGN, which made this comparison by quoting some images from the remake version and comparing them to the same locations from the original game, as you can see below.

While we take a look at this comparison which shows how much the graphics quality has improved, we keep in mind that it is still in the early stages of the development process. Therefore, we expect that there will be more changes to the quality of the game, especially as it is designed for new generation platforms.

Immediately after the announcement, we received confirmation from Konami that the original voice actors would return to the game. The name of the vocal performer has long been associated with it David Hayter He plays the character of Snake (Solid Snake) from the famous Metal Gear Solid spy game series, and his voice is still engraved in the memory of players until now. Will this sound remain in the remix version that was announced, a question we asked in a previous article.. to find out more.

Hours after the remake was announced, the game’s official Twitter account shared that the voice of Naked Snake, the protagonist of the third part of the series, will remain the same as the original voice of David Hayter.

We do not know if it was a re-recording or an improvement on the audio files of the original sounds, but in any case, this was a very special surprise for fans of the wonderful spy game series.

Unfortunately, there is no release date yet, or even a timeframe for that, for the developer promised to reveal more details about Metal Gear Solid 3 Remake in the future.

Until then, share your thoughts and impressions with us This comparison And the extent to which the level of graphics of the new game has improved compared to the original part, which was released nearly 20 years ago from now.

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