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Watch: High-resolution images of the Titanic’s wreck, the first of their kind, may help reveal the secrets of its sinking


Within 200 hours, more than 700,000 photos were taken from different angles in order to merge them together and obtain three-dimensional images of the shipwreck.

High-resolution images of the wreckage of the Titanic were revealed Wednesday, which may help scientists better determine the conditions that caused the ship’s sinking in April 1912.

Showcased by the BBC, these unprecedented high-resolution images feature a host of details, including the serial number on the propeller, call room and deck.

This life-size digital scan gives the impression that the wreckage, shown in 3D images, has been lifted from the depths of the ocean.

The two companies, “Megaline Ltd”, which specializes in seabed mapping, and “Atlantic Production” took the pictures in the summer of 2022. “Atlantic Production” is carrying out documentary work on the project.

A group of submersibles managed by a team on board a specialized vessel spent more than 200 hours scanning the wreck length and breadth, taking more than 700,000 images from various angles with the aim of merging them into three-dimensional images.

“The depth at which the wreck is located was a challenge, in addition to the water currents at the site,” said Gerard Seifert of the “Megallan Ltd” company, in an interview with the “BBC”, adding, “We were not allowed to touch anything.” So that we don’t damage the wreckage.”

“A map should be drawn for every square centimeter, even for the unimportant parts (…) in order to fill in the spaces between the important sections,” he added.

Historian and engineer who has been working on the Titanic case for years, Parks Stephenson, said he was “dazed” after seeing the new photo.

He added to the BBC, “We can now see the Titanic without explanations provided by humans, but directly through evidence and data, which is what we really need to recreate what I call the crime scene.”

“We have not yet reached an understanding of the circumstances of the ship’s collision with the iceberg,” he added.

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