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Watch: Escaped llama stops cars on highway


A runaway llama caused “pandemonium” on a highway after running from police officers.

The animal was spotted Wednesday evening at junction three of the M55 near Wesham, Lancashire.

It caused a traffic jam when Lancashire Police chased it down the carriageway in an attempt to get it to safety.

But Sue Brewer, a passenger in one of the vehicles lined up, filmed the llama looking unfazed as he passed a highway patrol car with flashing blue lights and approached cars.

Finally, a man dressed in black, believed to be a highway police officer, gently placed his hand on the llama’s neck and managed to subdue the animal and bring it to a halt.

It’s not known how the llama ended up on the busy highway, but National Highways said officers were called to the scene around 9:15 p.m. and then rescued the animal with police help.

‘It was a pandemonium’

The video was shared on Twitter by Ms Brewer’s daughter Molly, who joked that the llama looked like he was telling officers “you have no control over me” before he was captured.

She wrote: “Parents just forwarded this to me. They say a llama was on the loose near junction three of the M55, causing traffic jams.

“That’s my mom thinking she’s Dr. Dolittle watching it, so it’s coming to her.”

Nick Bell from Elswick, Lancs, who reported the animal to police, said: “When I first saw it there wasn’t much chaos. It just stood in the grass verge and stepped out in front of me.

“At first I thought it was a deer, but when I realized it was a llama, I laughed to myself. Then I thought I’d better report it in case someone drives into it and it causes an accident.

“When I reported I thought I would sound crazy saying there is a llama out there causing chaos.

“I was afraid I would get in trouble for wasting the police’s time if they showed up and they weren’t there.

“By the time I got back, they had closed the highway, so all the cars came around that roundabout and the llama was running between the cars, showing off his stuff.

“The police tried to catch him and the owner was running around with a leash. It was pandemonium.”

Lancashire Police have been contacted for comment.

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