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Watch commuter’s bizarre rendition of Like a G6 on Sydney’s T1 line before alighting at Mount Druitt


Train chaos as commuter performs mind-boggling sequence: ‘Like a G6’

  • Train commuters treated to bizarre performance
  • Some ignored antics while others were amused
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Commuters on a crowded train have been treated to a bizarre performance by a fellow passenger, causing bewilderment, confusion and amusement.

Footage of the mind-boggling incident, filmed while traveling on the T1 line in western Sydney, has surfaced and was later uploaded to Reddit.

The now-viral clip begins with a woman wearing headphones and carefree jumping around and dancing in her chair.

She repeatedly turns to commuters directly behind and in front of her who ignore her, despite the woman waving her arms and leaning over her seat at them.

A woman treated commuters to an entertaining rendition of a popular hip-hop song

The woman then tries to get their attention by calling them “NPCs,” or non-playable characters, an online term that refers to people who don’t think for themselves or make their own decisions.

“NPCs have nice outfits, don’t they?” she says to the passengers behind her.

Moments later, a deranged passenger is seen leaving his seat.

Another commuter, meters away, also seems oblivious to the commotion around him as he watches the robot fighting series BattleBots on his phone.

The woman then begins to sing the lyrics to 2010 hit parade “Like a G6” by Far East Movement and The Cataracs.

“Like a G6, like a G6,” she sings.

“Now I feel as fly as a G6. Like a G6, like a G6.’

She then adds, “You little NPCs look good in your work outfits.

Fellow commuters can be heard laughing at the woman’s wild antics.

“F*****g weird,” sounds a man in the background.

The bizarre occurrence (pictured) took place on a T1 railway line in western Sydney

The bizarre occurrence (pictured) took place on a T1 railway line in western Sydney

The Reddit user who posted the clip later posted that she tried to flirt with the men behind her if viewers listened closely to the audio.

The two-minute video ends with the woman abruptly gathering her belongings and getting off the train at Mount Druitt.

The video titled ‘Only in Mount Druitt’ has since attracted hundreds of views and comments on Reddit.

‘Cringey but not the worst I’ve seen on our Sydney trains LOL’ commented one viewer.

Another added, “This is much better than people being attacked or berated so this is nothing to worry about LOL.”

A third wrote: ‘If you don’t follow the Penrith line you’re missing out on real Australian culture.’

'Like a G6, like a G6', the woman sings to the passengers sitting directly behind her

‘Like a G6, like a G6’, the woman sings to the passengers sitting directly behind her

Others didn’t get the point and said they’d seen much worse.

“I kept expecting something worse to happen as the video progressed, but nothing happened. she’s having innocent fun, who cares,” one wrote.

Another wrote: ‘At least it’s positive haha. She’s clearly having a good time and not too loud.’

The video prompted others to share their own bizarre public transportation stories, including the “really good” rendition of Coolio’s Gangsters Paradise by a homeless person.

Many viewers saw the funny side of it.

“Very respectful that she’s wearing headphones,” one of them joked.

Another added: “Are they doing Australian Idol auditions on the train now?”

The footage (pictured) was uploaded to Reddit, where viewers commented they'd seen much worse on Sydney Trains

The footage (pictured) was uploaded to Reddit, where viewers commented they’d seen much worse on Sydney Trains

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