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Watch: Building a 3D-printed school in Ukraine


A working group has launched a project to build a school using 3D printing technology, which will house about 100 Ukrainian children when completed.

The work team relies on a 12 x 15 meter automatic device that pours the concrete in the form of layers.

3D printing provides a quick way to build facilities, and project manager Jean-Christophe Bonnis said: “We rely on this technology because we can build facilities ten times faster than traditional construction methods, and the project will be completed within 3 weeks.”

Bonis added, “We have big challenges in Ukraine, because we need to build quickly and we use traditional concrete.”

Bonis pointed out the possibility of using 3D printing technology to construct bridges and warehouses as well.

“The construction here is different from the traditional method, especially in the mixture composition and the ratio of the components is completely different, sand, water and cement,” said Yevgeny Toba, the project leader.

Tuba added that this type of construction can reuse the remains of destroyed buildings as a result of the bombing, to produce raw materials for construction.

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