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Watch: Builder tells cars stuck behind Just Stop Oil to ‘run them over’


As the builder walked away, he shouted to the lines of cars jammed behind the activists, “Run them over!”

Tensions between motorists and pedestrians are rising as the ecogroup ramps up its disruption campaign in a bid to force ministers to revoke all new oil, coal and gas licenses.

The group has vowed to continue blocking roads “indefinitely” after marching for six weeks in a row so far.

Hollywood director donates

However, the Metropolitan Police will be given new powers to prevent the group from exploiting a legal loophole by driving slowly on roads that saw an officer dragging a protester down the highway earlier this week and dozens of activists were arrested in the past month.

Just Stop Oil also delayed the England cricket team earlier this week by marching slowly in front of their coach as they made their way to Lord’s for their first test of the summer.

One of Labour’s biggest financial supporters, Dale Vince, a green energy entrepreneur who has given £1.5 million to Sir Keir Starmer’s party, pledged to match all donations to Just Stop Oil for 48 hours from Wednesday.

On Friday, Adam McKay, the writer and director of Don’t Look Up, an American political satire black comedy film for Netflix starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence and Meryl Streep, pledged to triple all donations to the group for another 48 hours. until Sunday morning.

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